"MaintenanceEdge gives us a clear picture of the department’s work and where time is spent...."
Troy Isaacson
Maintenance Supervisor, Safety Officer and Project Manager
"I run cost analysis reports to charge the various groups at the end of each month for the supplies to..."
Scott Travis
Director of Facilities Operations
"Every single nonprofit needs FacilityDude because it tells our asset story in a clear and concise way..."
Christy Jellets
Camp Property Manager
"Other institutions, even K-12 schools, are interested to see how we successfully executed both School..."
Paul Lozo
Assistant Director of Operations and Maintenance
"MaintenanceEdge has cut work order administrative work by 50%...."
Beth Spinner
Facilities Management Administrator
"With MaintenanceEdge, Gwen McCoy has saved 2 hours of data entry a day. That’s a 25% total time savin..."
Gwen McCoy
Department of Public Works Clerk
"The initial year was “eyeopening.” The data showed that the team was doing more work than they origin..."
Marty Hagmann
Assistant Director of Facility Services
"TheWorxHub has customized much of the system to help people be compliant, especially smaller faciliti..."
Jason Kohlbeck
Director of Facilities and Clinics
"Unlike the old days, I just pull my phone out and make a work order right there. That saves time and..."
Ben Nowak
Maintenance Supervisor
"It’s been a huge asset to me. I’ve been overseeing maintenance now for about three years, and it real..."
Ruth Haynam
Senior Director of Maintenance and Operations
"It’s all at their fingertips now. They carry their iPads with them and keep it refreshed so they know..."
Matt Hyatt
Associate Director of Maintenance
"SchoolDude has everything you need for operations on one platform. It works for a school of any size..."
Gail Bell
Data Support Specialist
"82 facility events scheduled in 1 week...."
Campbell University
"It doesn’t just help our department, it helps the hospital know how to spend money more efficiently...."
Curtis Johnson
Maintenance Lead
"Bringing more things together in one location is good in terms of saving time and money. ASMi provide..."
Lieutenant Travis Adams
Mason County Sheriff’s Office
"User-friendly, manageable and efficient, [Dude Solutions] software has allowed us to successfully imp..."
Nikki Hollatz
Environmental Health

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