"I show our board monthly reports and they have been very impressed with how much we’ve saved. I am Sc..."
Rich Krumrine
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
"A couple of my guys are not real computer savvy. But I’ll tell you, the FacilityDude program is so ea..."
Brendan Ganser
Facilities Manager
"I would tell other districts to not wait to implement SchoolDude. I waited several years and should h..."
Barry Hipp
Senior Director of District Operations
"The data pulled from our KPI Dashboard, has also helped us add 2 additional positions to our team...."
Christy Serrage
Assistant Director of Facilities
"Pine Crest holds us to high standards and SchoolDude helps us meet them, We are expected to have work..."
Ryan Gallagher
Director of Facilities
"Before, getting updates was a battle and I would spend a lot of time tracking people down for informa..."
Tim Flower
Director of Facilities
"The combined savings of the lower software maintenance fees and not having to dedicate a server, amou..."
Joe Sisler
Chief of Engineering and Facility Maintenance
"UtilityTrac Plus helped us reduce water usage by 40%...."
Shane Meier
Director of Facilities
"The Joint Commission called our MaintenanceEdge system ‘a best practice from their experience...."
Allen Somers
Supervisor of Maintenance & Operations
"For our technicians, FacilityDude is very user-friendly. There is no technology intimidation factor f..."
Holly Worrell
Administrative Assistant
"My staff has gotten more efficient since we started using timers. I can clearly tell the staff is get..."
Brandon Fowler
Plant Operations Director
"Now I have a tool that proves to the Council my need for more funding...."
Robert Hardie
Facilities Manager
"I think the technicians are more comfortable with this because I don’t have to ask them all the time..."
Rod Lowe
Maintenance Manager
"With the CapitalForecast piece of the software, it builds my 20 year outlook and lets me know when th..."
Scott Wilson
Trustee Chairmans
"The major goal was to improve our efficiency, and I think that’s been accomplished. There’s definitel..."
Jim Kenyon
Associate Director of Facilities, Operations and Events
"Everyone has been very helpful and very friendly, So far, whenever I’ve needed to call I’ve gotten he..."
Scott Martin
Lumpkin County

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