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DMSi’s Agility is a hybrid ERP application that enables construction businesses to integrate their processes and data across locations and departments. The platform can be hosted in the cloud or installed on-premises. It offers multiple features to enable users to manage business processes like procurement, distribution, delivery, back-office accounting, and more. The self-service customer portal permits purchasers to get pricing, submit orders, and check their invoices. Employees can access a customized order entry screen which saves order info for configurators and manufacturers.

Agility empowers you to manage measurement units, search inventory in multiple locations, and map single item code to product variables, including lengths and colors. The software also tracks the time, labor, and equipment needed for each job, which permits you to provide accurate timelines and quotes to your customers.


With Agility, you can manage all your processes from a single location. Integrated inventory management connects your remanufacturing, accounting, purchasing, and sales processes. Live data allows you to track orders, products, and deliveries in real time.

You can get full visibility on your inventory flow. Eliminate shrinking by tracking item from remanufacturing and receiving through invoicing and shipping.

Get insights on your business with precise cost allocation and real-time financials. Understanding true costs permits you to provide competitive quotes while safeguarding your margins.

Find the items you want any time. Search log tags and inventory across locations, including the board lengths and piece count in a tallied lumber unit.

Simplify your product catalog. Streamline inventory control by decreasing the volume of products in your platform. Utilize a single item code for all colors and sizes of a product.

Improve your inventory management with the suggested purchasing feature that informs you the ideal time to purchase so can you keep high-demand products in stock all the time. Minimize dead stock and over-purchasing.

Customize POS for your processes. Modify sales order entry by selecting only needed fields in the required order. Design interfaces for specific staff members or an entire unit.

Finally, generate automated, customized reports for open payables, account activity, sales performances, rebates, delivery times, and financials. Your reports are always updated and current with the use of real-time financial data.

Product Features

  • Sales
  • Purchasing and inventory management
  • Millwork and remanufacturing
  • Business intelligence
  • Outside sales and Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)


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