"When we evaluate new technology deployments, performance and total cost of ownership are at the top o..."
Phil Benfield
Senior Network Engineer
"We use Datrium to scale overall VM infrastructure performance simply by adding hosts. With each blade..."
Matthew Sheehan
Senior Systems Engineer
"At CGI, our focus on the active lifestyle means we are keenly aware of the importance of performance—..."
Bobby Phimmasane
Director of Information Technology
"Once the ESXi server is attached to the DVX, I never have to touch storage. The only time I ever look..."
Martin Skojec
Director of IT
"Datrium is a brand new system that has the intelligence to manage itself. It’s really set it up and t..."
Viktor Tadijanovic
"The number one reason we brought in Datrium was to optimize the performance and reduce the complexity..."
Jason Richmond
Technology Director
"Keeping users happy and giving them the best performance is our goal. Datrium has definitely made it..."
William Hetrick
Technology Specialist
"Larger deployments used to take us a week or more to provision. With Datrium, it’s now down to hours..."
Scott Weinberg
CEO, Neovera
"We replaced a rack full of array gear in our colocation facility with Datrium’s 2U appliance. The foo..."
Michael Brown
Director of Technologies
"The biggest selling point with Datrium was the ability to abstract cache (Flash SSDs) – the most expe..."
Callie Rabe
IT Administrator
"As we scale VDI from hundreds to tens of thousands of desktops in the near future, the fact that we c..."
Brian Troudy
Director, Network and Infrastructure

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