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Datadog is a network monitoring solution that provides visibility on application performance for enterprises. The platform offers an overview of a product to one SQL query and correlates application errors or performance with events and infrastructure metrics. Datadog can assist to spot performance bottlenecks in infrastructure or code, and monitors containers or hosts. The software can trace requests automatically across several frameworks and libraries, and facilitates auto-instrumentation to gather spans from frontend to backend.

Datadog captures performance info from infrastructure elements like Elasticsearch and Redis, and integrates with web frameworks such as Gin, Ruby on Rails, and Django. This program presents real-time dashboards with mix-and-match events and metrics from linked services, containers, hosts, and apps. The vendor delivers support over phone and email.


Provides an Integrated View of Services and Tools

Unlike conventional monitoring systems, Datadog offers an integrated view of the services and programs utilized by IT squads across operations and development, and delivers actionable insights to the concerned team members. The software provides out-of-the box features and also aggregates data from specialized management tools, cloud providers, and other applications. It covers the entire lifecycle including code change, deployment, monitoring alert, and more with a uniform experience and data model from end-to-end.

Other Advantages

Correlate metrics from all your tools, apps, SaaS, and cloud services and providers including Amazon EC2, StatsD, web servers, and SQL and NoSQL databases.

Effortlessly graph, alert, and study your mass of information with real-time dashboards in just seconds.

Filter and rank performance metrics to focus on important ones.

Get alerts only for vital issues utilizing any metric, for a whole cluster or a single host.

Concentrate on scheduled jobs, pertinent config updates, and the correct code changes.

Provide support for team collaboration with comment and change annotations in the context of your production data.

Finally, the pricing involves no long-term commitments and you can simply pay by the month.

Product Features

  • Over 80 turnkey integrations for data aggregation
  • Alert notifications via PagerDuty and email
  • Clean graphs of StatsD and other integrations
  • Effortless way to compute rates, averages, integrals, and ratios
  • Simple-to-use search for tags, metrics, and hosts
  • Full API access
  • Mute all alerts with a single click during maintenance and upgrades
  • Customizable and out-of-the-box monitoring dashboards
  • Sampling intervals of 10 seconds
  • Slice and dice alerts and graphs by roles, tags, and more
  • Features for team collaboration


Log Management Pricing

7-Day Retention

  • $1.27/million log events/month (billed annually) or
  • $1.52 monthly

15-Day Retention

  • $1.70/million log events/month (billed annually) or
  • $2.04 monthly

30-Day Retention

  • $2.50/million log events/month (billed annually) or
  • $3.00 monthly

Extended retention plans and volume discounts offered (1BN+ events/mo). Contact the vendor for pricing.

Log Management Features

  • Unlimited Sources
  • Faceted & Full-text Search
  • 50+ Integrations
  • Custom Processing & Parsers
  • Log Analytics and Dashboarding
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Real-time Alerting
  • Logging without Limits (+$0.10/GB ingested)
  • Archive to AWS S3

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