"As opposed to SIEMbased retrospective approaches, Darktrace’s cyber intelligence platform and Threat..."
Louis Kangurs
IT Network Manager
"Darktrace’s application is easy to handle, so it is not a burden for our IT person...."
Svein Ringbakken
Managing Director
"I think it’s quite a big game changer for us to be able to not only see our network in real time, whi..."
Mark Vivian
Irwin Mitchell
"Not only does it show you what is going on within your network, but also external connections being m..."
Glen Haughton
IT Manager
"Darktrace’s machine learning and mathematics are extremely powerful in detecting activity that is abn..."
Mark Hughes
"Machine learning can detect things that we can’t predict and defne. It’s like fnding a needle in an e..."
Stuart Berman
Global Security Architect
"By leveraging innovative machine learning, Darktrace’s solution puts businesses like ours ahead in th..."
Marcello David
Responsabile IT Security & Compliance
"It’s a huge help to have a second pair of eyes on our systems at all times...."
Thomas Brandl
Senior Director, Information Security
"Darktrace’s unique machine learning allows us to defne normal behavior. It is reassuring to know that..."
Bob Langan
Vice President of Engineering
"With the Enterprise Immune System, the machine learning technology allows our security team to focus..."
Laura Whitt-Winyard
Director of Information Security
"At Macrosynergy, we take the protection of our information assets very seriously. We realised that we..."
Conor Claxton
Chief Operating Office
"Darktrace ticks all the boxes, it assures us nothing malicious is on our network whilst giving us con..."
Albert Marsden
IT Director
"Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System has transformed our cyber defense strategy and given us the conf..."
Mark McKenny
Cyber Defense Manager
"We are thrilled to be working with such a prominent British charity as the Royal British Legion, who..."
Royal British Legion
"We previously needed three tools to tell us what Darktrace tells us on its own. The machine learning..."
Vari Bindra
Head of Cyber Defense Center
"At QUI! Group, we manage over 60 million fi nancial and VAS transactions per month and we are dedicat..."
Pierluigi Simonetta

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