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CriticalArc is an Australian company that provides SaaS-based incident response solutions. These tools empower your enterprise’s security and safety teams to streamline and bolster their response to incidents and threats. The company delivers enterprise-grade software to leverage the performance of cloud networks and the ubiquity of smartphones.

CriticalArc’s flagship service, SafeZone, is used in over 80 nations by enterprises, universities, hospitals, and defense and critical infrastructure organizations. The solution improves the way large enterprises manage risk mitigation and incident management across several sites by offering a common operating overview and facilitating proactive response that has a positive impact on the result of any incident.


Benefits of SafeZone

Respond Swiftly to Global Incidents

SafeZone allows you to create geo-zones across cities where your enterprise’s staff members travel to work or study. You can learn when they reach safely, and if they require assistance, communicate your response to them in real time. The software instantly informs your team about the GPS location of reported incidents. This allows your security team to respond swiftly as they can view the location and availability of all resources close to the incident.

Minimize Risk and Boost Your Reputation

SafeZone empowers your security team to respond faster and affirmatively impact the response to security and safety incidents to safeguard your brand. Therefore, you should make it an essential aspect of your security and emergency management plans.

Manage Widespread Incidents

Widespread incidents are a challenge for security teams because resources are scattered across multiple complex environments. SafeZone allows your command center and responders to instantly view the availability and location of fire marshals and each security officer. The software sends directions to security officers in real time, and broadcasts instructions and alerts to all affected parties.

Improve Using Data Analytics

SafeZone offers you deep insights to evaluate and improve your operations. You can use heat map technology to monitor and tweak patrol patterns, and know the location of your patrolling teams at any given time. Play back incidents to learn the availability and location of your team at any moment. The data analytics feature helps to ensure compliance and you can use it as a training solution to boost future performance.

Product Features

  • SafeZone command
  • OmniGuard
  • Personal alarms
  • Check-in
  • Mass notification
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Indoor positioning
  • Live vehicle & shuttle tracking
  • Wearable & desktop alarms
  • Two-way messaging & group chat
  • Integration

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