Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
Our white-labeled platform is best suited for wellness service providers that design and deliver preventive health and wellness programs to corporate client's employees and insurers that provide wellness solutions to members. The service providers we work with include: corporate wellness companies, insurers and their wellness divisions, health coaching companies, employee assistance program providers, human resources consulting firms, health systems and their wellness divisions, disability and absence management companies, occupational health providers and group benefits brokers. Note: Employers that contact CoreHealth are typically referred to our wellness service provider customers that re-sell our technology to corporate clients.
How does this software benefit them?
CoreHealth's Total Wellbeing Platform Helps YOU Inspire, Ignite and Revolutionize:

INSPIRE Your Participants:
• Behavior & Cultural Change – Monitor and measure employee engagement, total well-being and discretionary effort with flexible incentive options.
• Utilization & Collaboration – Create and customize communications, social connections, gamification, coaching, incentives and beyond.
• Preventive Health – Customize and deliver health assessments, challenges, self-directed digital lifestyle programs, video-based health coaching, education and biometrics management.
• Personalize & Tailor – Tailor and promote programs and health content by risk and preferences using incentives, segmentation and optional psychographics to inspire and engage.

IGNITE Your Programs:
• Innovate & Create - Put your own ideas in motion, implement a third-party partner or keep things simple with out-of-the-box solutions.
• Out-of-the-Box Solutions – Implement wellbeing challenges, health assessments, digital coaching and health tips to get up and running fast.
• Flexible & Adaptable – Customize our white-labelled platform for each company, their employees and activities – tailored by you with no limits.
• Discover & Digest Smart Data - Report and analyze data from all corners of the platform to monitor employee and program performance.
• Mix & Match – Pick and choose from the world’s largest network of third-party, best-in-class health and wellbeing solutions. All accessible from ONE platform as the perfect complement your own programs.

• Secure & Protect – Trust our privacy and security practices that satisfy the toughest global standards. From PIPEDA, HIPAA to GDPR – your data is safe with us.
• Global Technology Experts - Adaptable for language, culture and geography. Our platform is used around the world and has been translated into numerous languages.
• Integration Experts – Benefit from our extensive experience with third-party integrations to create a seamless user experience. Devices, Apps, Services all accessible from ONE platform.
• Mobile & Scalable – Access our portal from anywhere with our responsive website designs and MyWellApp - no scalability limits.
• Your Partner for Growth – Count on CoreHealth to help grow your business with lead referrals, promotional toolkit and sales support.

We are a Wellness Company's Secret Sauce
How technical do users need to be to use the software?
• End-users (program participants) don't need to be technical to use our software as our portals provide an easy and fun user experience.
• Since our customers re-sell our platform to clients, our technology offers tremendous flexibility and configuration options which does require some technical know-how. Out-of-the-box programs are available so the non-technical Site Administrator can deliver programs fast with the ability do some configurations. However, for those customers that really want to take the platform to the next level with advanced configuration and end-user personalization, we recommend having an available technical resource experienced with HTML, CSS or JavaScript.
• Our platform can be simple to sophisticated based on YOU.
What makes CoreHealth Technologies a leader in this space?
As a technology-only company (providing no wellness services), we are constantly innovating and evolving our platform to meet the unique needs of each of our customers and their clients. We embrace and easily adapt to new devices, technologies and tools such as psychographics and artificial intelligence.

We are also integration experts which enables us to help our customers integrate with a variety of third-party systems and tools to deliver a seamless end-user experience. With technology changing so quickly, we don't and can't pretend to do everything so we seek out best-in-class vendors to partner and integrate with. Our customers get what they need (flexibility and options) and we continue to strengthen our core business of being a leading wellbeing technology partner.
Who are your biggest competitors (3-5 companies)?
Since we are unique with our focus on technology-only, there are few direct competitors; however, we do come against these wellness service providers that offer a platform as part of their programs:
• Cerner Wellness
• WellRight
• In-House Developed Platforms
How/why is CoreHealth Technologies better than those competitors (or most others in their market)? What about it is unique, stronger, easier, etc.?
CoreHealth’s sole focus is on our prevention technology that enables wellness providers, insurers, health systems and third party organizations (the wellness experts!) to develop and deliver their programs targeted at improving employee health and productivity while reducing costs, claims and work disability duration at employer client sites.

Our competitive differentiator is that we are technology experts only - not service providers so we don’t compete with our customers, enabling your business solutions to be executed successfully on our platform. When our customers are successful, so are we.
• Technology Providers Only - We focus exclusively on wellness technology – we are NOT wellness service providers. As a result, our customers trust that their wellness ideas and innovations are safe and secure. Many competitor platforms are wellness service providers too.
• All-in-One Platform – Our platform powers and tracks: health assessments, biometric management, education, wellness challenges, self-help programs, social networking, content management, coach facilitation, incentives, surveys, conversations — and so more.
• Multi-lingual/Global – not all competitors can easily customize their platform to accommodate differing global cultures and language requirements. Our platform has been used around the globe and has been translated into numerous languages!
• Flexible and Configurable – Because the CoreHealth platform is easy to configure, customers can make changes without requiring an in-house programmer. However, for those customers that want to take the technology to an advanced level, customers have the freedom and flexibility to make changes themselves (providing they have qualified in-house resources).
• Help Build Great Wellness Companies – Because we focus exclusively on technology – not services, the success of our customers (insurers and wellness providers) directly influences our success as well. The relationship between our customers is a true partnership so we work hard to support our partners by helping you become platform experts. Plus we refer leads to you, support you with answering technical requirements for proposals/RFPs, provide an extensive sales support toolbox to help you promote the platform plus more!
• Fast Implementation – for customers wanting a turnkey solution, the CoreHealth offers: out-of-the-box wellness challenges, lifestyle questionnaires and digital programs along with our Wellbeing123 program can get you up and running fast.
• Wellness Partner Network – CoreHealth offers the world’s large wellness network of best-in-class, third-party partners and innovations that can be seamlessly added to the platform and tailored to each client portal, with unlimited configurability and design options. You can mix and match from this network or develop your own wellness tools, devices, apps and have it seamlessly available within the platform. Some of our partners include: SelfHelpWorks, FitBit, Healthfeed, Edington Associates, Validic and the University of Michigan HRA (just to name a few!).
• Platform Customization – For customers that want to go deep into wellness programs, with the right in-house resources you can customize the platform yourself to create unique differentiators giving you the edge to grow your business and revenue.
• System Integration Experts – In addition to integrating our platform to our established network of third-party partners, we also have extensive experience (over 100 integrations to date) working with a variety of partners and third-party vendors to integrate with their products to create a seamless portal experience. These integrations range from a basic SSO integration to complex integrations where CoreHealth serves as a data aggregator across vendors and presents component content embedded in an existing platform.
• Privacy and Security – CoreHealth platform has privacy and security levels that satisfy even the toughest standards – used by government, financial institutions and leading global companies.
What kind of features can customers expect to see in the near future? And longer term?
We intend to continue evolving our platform to respond to new industry and customer demands including:
• Launch of an integrated solution called the Complete Health Program that links employee health, engagement and productivity (coming in Q3 2019)
• Continued focus on big data analytics
• Integrations with third-party wellness providers
• Continue to help our customers grow their business
• Offer eHealth capabilities, also known as “upstream treatment”
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
We have extensive experience (over 100 integrations to date) working with a variety of partners and third-party vendors to integrate with their products to create a seamless portal experience. These integrations range from a basic SSO integration to complex integrations where CoreHealth serves as a data aggregator across vendors and presents component content embedded in an existing platform.

CoreHealth integrations include: health assessments, wearables (Validic), analytics, insurers (basic integration), lab systems (LabCorp), biometrics, health content (e.g. HealthFeed, AIPM), incentive fulfillment, etc.

See all our existing partner integrations:
Software pricing can often be complex. If it's pretty straightforward, list tiers, pricing (per year, seat, etc), limits, etc. If it's not simple, use broad estimates or ranges for typical setups.
Pricing is a combination of a one-time implementation and onboarding fee plus an annual licensing fee.

CoreHealth offers the following pricing models:
• PEPM = Per Eligible Per Month: An eligible participant (employee, spouse, manager, etc.) is anyone who is provided access to the system. They may be uploaded via an eligibility file or they may create accounts upon registration. Regardless of how many participants actually access the system, the organization pays for all who are eligible to register (e.g. organization has 1,000 employees – all of which are eligible. Customer pays monthly for all eligible employees.)
• PEPY = Per Eligible Per Year: As per above, an eligible participant (employee, spouse, manager, etc.) is anyone who is provided access to the system. This pricing model covers the entire year versus one month. The option to purchase for less than a year is not applicable.
• PPPY = Per Participant Per Year: Engaged employees are those employees that actually access the system. Organizations must pay the minimum license fee (as per contract) and any users over that number will be billed upon reconciliation (typically quarterly).
• Volume Pricing (Per Eligible or Per Engaged): Volume pricing is also available for organizations with 25,000 users or more with two options: per Eligible Per Year or Per Participant Per Year,

• There is a minimal annual commitment of $10,000 USD to cover hosting, communications, minimum 2 upgrades and support per website (unlimited sub-sites included).

ONE-TIME CONFIGURATION & IMPLEMENTATION FEE (we train you to be completely self-sufficient):
• Starts at $10K USD +
Is there a trial or free download available?
What kind of training/education is offered?
Online training with a CoreHealth Implementation Expert and online help documentation is included in the one-time configuration and implementation fee. We train your Site Administrator to be completely self-sufficient.
Describe the implementation process and timeline.
The typical training process for implementation is the ‘train the trainer’ method (delivered online) where CoreHealth trains customer resource(s) to configure the software, onboard new clients and train users. Alternate training formats are also available.
What are the support options? List all.
• CoreHealth provides Tier 2 technical support to customer Site Administrators only (no end-users).
• Tier 1 end-user support is available via a third-party if required.
• Technical support is available via phone and emails.