"Codeship helps Frontback to deploy the app with confidence. We do not ship until it’s green on Codesh..."
Yannick Schutz
Backend Engineer, Frontback
"Thanks to Codeship, we got rid of a Jenkins dedicated instance on amazon (and its maintenance), keepin..."
Carlo Abi Chahine
VP of R&D, qunb
"Thanks to Codeship, we are now sailing safer through the Sea of Deployments...."
Antoine de Chevigné
"Because of Codeship, we at Product Hunt can reliably ship awesome stuff on a daily base...."
Ayrton de Craene
Engineer, Product Hunt
"Codeship lets me focus on my work and getting it live instead of getting bogged down in process. I ca..."
Dean Hetherington
Front-end Developer, LendingCrowd
"We built a complete mobile-app deployment process on top of Codeship. Code, push, test, build in the..."
Frédéric Terrazzoni
"Codeship provided us a quick set up, providing an all in one solution for testing and deployment of c..."
Neil Bartley
Senior Software Engineer, LendingCrowd
"We've been amazed at how easy Codeship is to use and how well it has met every need for continuous in..."
Alan Johnson
Co-founder, treehouse
"Incorporating the best practices of continuous integration and deployment has greatly accelerated the..."
Bob Gale
Senior Technical Program Manager
"We want to focus on our applications, not maintaining extra services. That is why we love using Codes..."
Phillip Shipley
Software Engineer, Sil International

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