"It’s an elegant design that mirrors the prestige and power of what the New Establishment Summit stand..."
Mike Hogan
Digital Director
"Transforming our Internet presence with the visionaries at Code and Theory has allowed us to create a..."
David-Michel Davies
Executive Director
"It was great partnering with Code and Theory on finding ways to enhance our entire booking experience..."
Lance Miceli
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
"Every article now acts as a gateway to the rest of the site. We're treating every page like a front p..."
Jordan Jayson
VP of Brand Strategy and Development
"Bloomberg has always been very avant-garde and bold in pushing the limits of how to tell a story. The..."
Josh Topolsky
Chief Digital Content Officer, and Editor
"The launch of the Prong PWR Case represents more than just building a beautiful, functional product t..."
Jesse Pliner
"Establishing a very clear collaboration system right from the start was what made this project so suc..."
Ben Berentson
Site Director
"Code and Theory was an ideal collaborator to help us develop a framework for an editorially-driven, c..."
David Rockwell
Founder and CEO
"We wanted to engage our customers through editorial content, and allow them a window into the DSQUARE..."
Dan Caten
"We’re launching upwave to deliver consumers a compelling, entertainment vehicle to help them close th..."
Molly Battin
Senior Vice President and General Manager
"The Italian artisan was the starting point. Today, the collaboration between designer and artisan is..."
Tomas Maier
Creative Director
"Justin wouldn’t have made the Pro Bowl without Dr Pepper...."
Rob Roche
Justin Tucker’s agent

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