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Technical Details Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
Customer Types
  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


Checkbox is a cloud-based and on-premise survey platform. It allows you to produce surveys utilizing various question types such as rank ordering, drop-down menus, a rating scale, radio buttons and more. You can add branching and display logic to these question types and display pertinent questions to respondents. The software also permits you to customize fonts, colors, and logos.

With Checkbox, you can utilize a custom subdomain name for web surveys. You can share completed surveys through email, social networks like Twitter or Facebook, or by embedding it in your existing website. Further, you can create public surveys or password-protected private surveys.


Versatile System

Checkbox is a versatile application that suits the requirements of a wide array of companies. It delivers updated market research to help improve your business decisions and provides needed research tools for users like students and employees.  

Customer Data Collection

Checkbox presents customer data capture services to help boost consumer satisfaction and create more business opportunities. You can use this feature to learn about buyers’ needs and service them efficiently to convert them into long-term profitable customers.

Employee Survey

Staff tracking is essential for businesses and to understand what your personnel need, you can use Checkbox’s employee survey function which enables you to engage your employees and control your operations better.

Student Survey

Research centers and institutes can leverage student surveys to learn about areas that need improvement. By understanding students’ needs, they can make informed decisions to elevate their institution’s standards.

Other Features

Checkbox allows you to post your surveys via social media pages, your website, or email. Multiple distribution options, logical survey functionality, a range of question types, and mobile compatibility enable you to reach a wider audience at an affordable cost. Lastly, you can send follow-up responses to your visitors to keep them engaged.

Product Features

  • Conditional alerts & actions
  • Conditions & branching logic
  • Custom branding
  • Email invitations & alerts
  • Hosted or on-premises
  • Mobile survey compatibility
  • Multi-level security
  • Reporting & data export
  • Social media sharing
  • Survey scoring
  • Text and answer merging
  • User & team collaboration
  • Web services/integration


Cloud-Hosted (SaaS) Pricing

  • Basic Plan - $450/year
  • Professional Plan - $1,750/year
  • Team Plan - $3,450/year
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact the vendor for a custom price quote

On-Premises (Installable) Pricing

  • Server License - $4,900
  • Enterprise License - Contact the vendor for a custom price quote

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