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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by CheckBox.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 8 case studies. Browse this list to see how CheckBox has worked with different customers like BBK Worldwide and Genzyme.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by CheckBox.

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One of the major benefits of implementing Checkbox has been the decreased development time associated with survey creation and maintenance. This has given the BBK programmers the ability to focus on programming more than survey development and “to gain expertise in what I think is a very fascinating field,” Bradley says. “It has decreased the amount of time needed to make the survey functional and leaves more time for execution.” The BBK team now has more time to devote to making sure their clients get exactly what they want and to testing the strategy and dynamics of surveys before they goes live.

Matt Kibby

director of Market Intelligence
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More recently, Patel and DiPrimio have begun transitioning other manual, labor-intensive processes from Excel spreadsheets to Checkbox Survey. For example, the Information Security department routinely conducts risk assessment questionnaires for third-party vendors. Using Checkbox for these questionnaires has allowed the team to send the vendor a survey link via email and more quickly determine whether the vendor passes Genzyme’s security standards.

Bhavesh Patel

Senior Director of Global Risk
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“We really wanted something that we could put on our website, more than just using an outsourced solution.” Blevin explained that he knew a better solution must exist that would not only reduce their costs and save them time, but that also could be applied directly via a web browser. Blevins evaluated several web-based survey solutions to find the one he felt would best meet his operation’s objectives. High on the priority list was a solution that could integrate with the organization’s web site. It also needed to be easy to use and able to cope with unlimited responses. Lastly, it needed to be cost effective.

Steve Blevins

VP for Information Systems
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Children’s Hospital Boston decided on Checkbox Survey Solutions’ Checkbox Survey Server product enticed by the features that were not offered by other third party solutions. “Checkbox Survey provided us with those capabilities”, summarized Rightmyer. For Rightmyer, it came down to the fact that Checkbox Survey is powered by Microsoft .NET, provides the scalability to offer an unlimited amount of surveys and responses across the organization, provides measures to ensure data security, and its user-friendly, 100% web-based interface. Plus, the Checkbox Survey solution allows for fast implementation and includes advanced features such as branching and conditioning logic as well as the ability to export to SPSS and Excel. Finally, Checkbox Survey Solutions solution was within the budget requirements of the CRIT and also offered the ability to integrate with an organizations’ other applications at a later date if required.

Jason Rightmyer

Clinical Research Information Technology
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Usability has been vital to the success of the exhibit. The easy to use, highly configurable interface of Checkbox allowed The Museum of Science to roll out the software with minimal training. “Prezza has created an easy to use tool that allows us to quickly get information in an often hectic informal teaching environment.” Tim Kardatzke, Senior Information Architect, stated. “Visitors are often just as interested in the survey forms as they are the data.”.

Tim Kardatzke

Senior Information Architect
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During an internet search, Lake describes, “I came across Prezza Technologies who, compared to the other companies on the market had a very well presented website.” Lake was able to quickly identify that Prezza Technologies’ Checkbox Survey Server fulfilled the majority of his requirements. These included the ability to produce matrix style questions, the ability to add on a developer kit tool that can integrate Checkbox with other third party applications, and finally, ease of use.

Ray Lake

VP of Information Technology
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Checkbox Survey Software is Checkbox Survey Solutions’ integrated software line for managing the full lifecycle of surveys through an easy- to- use web interface. Professional looking surveys can be easily created with the ability to send email invitations and analyze data, all through a standard web browser. The product solution chosen by Miami University, Checkbox Survey Server, allowed the application to be installed on their own server infrastructure, giving Buttery and her team full control over the survey deployment environment.

Joyce Buttery

Senior Web and Publications Coordinator for IT Services
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After testing a number of web survey products, Hyperweb chose Checkbox Survey Server. Impressed not only with the ease of installation and maintenance that Checkbox offered, they were also enticed by features that were not offered by other third party solutions. Checkbox allowed Hyperweb to create new, comprehensive surveys that were previously prohibitively difficult and expensive. Implementing Checkbox improved their ability to offer online surveys to their clients so much that Hyperweb was able to spin off a new company, SurveyCanada, strictly dedicated to building online surveys.

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