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  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


Certify is an online expense management tool that can be leveraged to book travel, approve, track, and reimburse expenses, and analyze spend. Certify Mobile allows you to snap receipts utilizing the camera on your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device. The offline-syncing feature permits travelers to log expenses instantly even in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Certify’s receipt parse functionality automatically gleans information from receipts and its auto-fill capability automatically populates the expense report with this data. You can scan, upload, fax, and even text-message electronic receipts into the platform. The software produces expense reports on defined dates and automates reimbursement. Finally, this system integrates with accounting tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, and QuickBooks Pro and Enterprise.


Helps You to Prepare Detailed Expense Reports

Business travelers who travel to other places for work purposes need to submit a detailed report on their travel spend and expenses. This report needs to include every dollar spent on hotel accommodations, car rentals, food and beverages, and others. They should be backed by relevant documents like receipts.

Certify enables you to do this easily by simplifying the way in which you manage your travel expenses. You can use your mobile phone to scan and capture information from receipts and store them in the platform for later access.

Find the Best Hotels

With Certify, you can find the best hotels that fit your budget as the application provides you listings of local inns and hotels suitable for your specifications as well as business reviews on them by users. The software also permits you to check flights and craft itineraries to help you do maximum work on your trips while staying within budget.

Other Useful Features

Accountants love Certify as it enables them to easily get detailed expenses and travel reports from staff members. The program gives them access to hotel bills, plane tickets, scanned receipts, and other pertinent documents so they can swiftly reconcile expenses and budget, and process reimbursements rapidly and accurately. Top management gets robust analytics and reports that they can utilize to glean actionable insights they can use to optimize and maximize employee travel expenses.

Product Features

  • Certify Mobile
  • Certify ReportExecutive
  • ReceiptParse AutoFill
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Global functionality
  • Policy compliance
  • Certify SpendSmart
  • Security and compliance


Certify Now! Plan

  • $8/user/month
  • 1-25 employees

Professional Plan

  • Monthly service fee
  • 25-200 employees

Enterprise Plan

  • Annual fixed pricing
  • 200+ employees

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