"It's absolutely critical to satisfy PCI regulations if we want to maintain the high levels of securit..."
Ana Paula Ribeiro
Director, Operating System Services
"It's been great to have the ability to change configuration parameters from one central point. It was..."
Carlos O'Ryan
Cto, Atd
"What we really like about DirectAudit is the ability to get into a console and use some user-friendly..."
Manohar Nayak
Senior Architect, Network Security
"We use Centrify for security and compliance through end-to-end identity management – Server Suite in..."
Don Small
Sr. Director of IT
"Within the first year, we’ll achieve a 200% return on our Centrify investment in licensing fees alone..."
Jarrett Swereda
Senior Business Analyst
"We were looking for a solution that met three main criteria: Password management that would enable us..."
Wayne Dale
Application Security Engineer
"Centrify helped us to automate the transition to Office 365, saving us time as well as the cost of mu..."
Richard Smith
Director of IT Infrastructure And Network Operations
"We started out focused on SSO, but when Centrify showed us features like Active Directory-based acces..."
Clifford Russell
Chief Information Officer
"It was your typical ‘build vs buy’ conversation. We don’t want to be in the business of managing a si..."
Greg Fabbri
Vice President Of Technology Operations
"We have location-specific ways of provisioning devices and need a flexible approach. That was the imp..."
Joe Politi
Systems Architect
"With Centrify, we have a 100% cloud-based identity solution that provides authentication, provisionin..."
Steve Winter
IT Director
"USC views the Centrify project as an investment in our students, but it’s offered significant savings..."
Michael Goay
Executive Director of IT
"We’ll soon have 80% of our clients on the Centrify system. It’s been so effective that we’ve implemen..."
Matt Horn
IT Operations Manager
"Centrify allowed us to accomplish something that we couldn’t do with SAP’s native solution — join SAP..."
Paula Jaramillio
IT Coordinator
"The beautiful thing about Centrify is that the user only has to remember one username and password —..."
Luis Mena
Director of IT
"Thanks to Centrify, one password now gives our employees easy access to all the websites they need to..."
Les Hogan
Financial Controller

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