"We needed a solution that would allow us to quickly and easily contact all of our incoming students...."
"I use Call-Em-All to send last-minute specials to my customers. It takes less than 5 minutes to set u..."
"We use Call-Em-All to notify our customers of changes to our schedule and as a friendly reminder abou..."
"We use Call-Em-All to let students know about enrolling for classes, certain deadlines, and our stude..."
"We recently used the Call-Em-All service to inform our students, faculty and staff about a power outa..."
"It's so easy, all I have to do is click who I need to contact, record my message, and less than 5 min..."
"Call-Em-All has been a tremendous WIN for our organization. Our recruiters, sales people and site man..."
"Wow, I am already amazed at the response we are getting from using this service. I cannot believe how..."
"Call-Em-All has altered our approach to contacting students. Texas Tech University cancellation numbe..."
"Being a working Mom and PTO member, my time is very limited. Call-Em-All is a huge benefit to allow m..."
"For us, the biggest advantage of using Call-Em-All has been the amount of time that we are able to sa..."
"The job seeker learns about opportunities more quickly and that helps us fill positions faster – ever..."

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