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  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


BuildMaster enables you to reliably release your software to any environment, at any speed demanded by your business. It allows you to develop a self-service release management system by permitting various teams to handle their own apps and deploy to their own environments. The platform let you start simple and then scale effortlessly to the cloud and thousands of servers.

You can use BuildMaster to remove deployment risk, automate operations, and simplify compliance audits for your clients. The platform also enables you use micro-services. Lastly, the vendor continuously improves the software with new features.



Create microservices, legacy applications, greenfield projects, and more, without substituting your existing stack.  


Robust CI that offers build reports, integration with static analysis programs, automated unit testing, and more.


Produce and handle build artifacts for any implementation target, from basic ZIP files to advanced container coordination in the cloud.


Deploy your solution to Linux or Windows servers, PaaS, mobile, mainframes, cloud, Kubernetes clusters, containers, or VMs.


Enforce the complete CI/CD pipeline with automated checks, deployment windows, manual user approvals, and gated problem tracking integration.


Ensure timely release by managing release notes, target dates, rollbacks, and hotfixes.

Product Features

  • Build
  • Test
  • Package
  • Deploy
  • Verify
  • Release


BuildMaster Free

Unlimited users, applications, and servers. All logged-in users are admins, LDAP integration is removed, and you can only use BuildMaster's public forums for support.

BuildMaster Enterprise

  • Up to 10 Users - $2,995/yr
  • Up to 20 Users - $4,495/yr
  • Up to 35 Users - $7,495/yr
  • Up to 50 Users - $9,745/yr
  • Up to 100 Users - $14,995/yr
  • Up to 250 Users - $29,995/yr
  • Over 250 Users - Get a custom quote

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