"We chose Braintree because of their leadership in the payments space...."
Chieh Huang
Co-founder & CEO
"We designed HotelTonight from the ground up as a fully mobile experience. To make this work, we looke..."
Sam Shank
CEO and Founder
"I've never had to think about scaling payments — must mean you're doing your job!..."
Ryan McKillen
Engineer & Employee
"We decided to partner with Braintree because of their demonstrated leadership in the area of providin..."
Elizabeth Casey
Senior Director of Product Management
"There was never a moment with Braintree where I felt like we were too small to be recognized...."
Gabriel Flateman
Co-founder & CTO
"Braintree is a pleasure to use. It was very easy to get up and running, which was important from a de..."
Jordan Brough
Senior Analytics Developer
"Braintree has been a great partner in bringing OLO solutions to our toughest challenges, and they off..."
Dave Fellows
Vice President of Product Development
"As Punchbowl has expanded the number and type of products we offer, it is a benefit to our customers..."
Blake Carlson
Chief Technology Officer
"The whole process was really straightforward. Braintree was really collaborative and flexible in term..."
Marcus Shelksohn
Senior Product Manager of Mobile Apps
"The developer documentation is very detailed and we were able to work closely with Braintree's suppor..."
David Mytton

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