"I've never had to think about scaling payments — must mean you're doing your job!..."
Ryan McKillen
Engineer & Employee
"There was never a moment with Braintree where I felt like we were too small to be recognized...."
Gabriel Flateman
Co-founder & CTO
"Braintree is a pleasure to use. It was very easy to get up and running, which was important from a de..."
Jordan Brough
Senior Analytics Developer
"We chose Braintree as our partner because they were the only company out there that was innovating wi..."
Mike McEwan
CEO and Founder
"Braintree has been a great partner in bringing OLO solutions to our toughest challenges, and they off..."
Dave Fellows
Vice President of Product Development
"As Punchbowl has expanded the number and type of products we offer, it is a benefit to our customers..."
Blake Carlson
Chief Technology Officer
"We decided to partner with Braintree because of their demonstrated leadership in the area of providin..."
Elizabeth Casey
Senior Director of Product Management
"Braintree is a payments specialist, and we see this as a partnership bringing a depth of knowledge to..."
Russell Schulman
Chief Marketing Officer
"With Braintree, we know that we're getting a flexible, innovative, and secure experience every time...."
James Kerridge
Head of Marketing and Ecommerce
"Braintree’s vault and payment forwarding API allows us to create our Direct Booking facility on Skysc..."
Jon Hoar
Head of Product, Direct Booking
"Our developers love Braintree. There’s an attention to detail that you rarely find with providers. It..."
Clive Walmsley
Senior Developer
"The mobile-first approach of Braintree has allowed us to really deliver on our vision to create an in..."
Jan Schmidt
Chief Technology Officer
"Innovative, secure, and international, Braintree allowed us to create a seamless buying experience on..."
Victor Habourdin
Ecommerce Marketing Lead
"We love the social aspect of Venmo and the organic visibility it offers. We’ve seen great results in..."
Kalpak Kothari
VP of Platform Engineering
"Braintree gave us the ability to assimilate into local markets, allowing us to not only transact in l..."
Josh Bowden
"In recent years, the rapid growth in popularity of sneakers has required us to adapt. Braintree provi..."
Simon Coles
Head of Ecommerce

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