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BeyondTrust is a global leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM) and provides a seamless method to prevent data breaches associated with compromised remote access, misused privileges, and stolen credentials. Their extensible system enables enterprises to effortlessly improve privilege security as threats evolve across network device, DevOps, cloud, server, and endpoint environments.

BeyondTrust unifies a broad suite of PAM capabilities with centralized management, analytics, and reporting to empower leaders to take informed decisions and actions to thwart attackers. This holistic application is known for its flexible design that maximizes security and IT investments, improves user productivity, and simplifies integrations. With this software, organizations get the control and visibility they require to achieve compliance goals, minimize risk, and improve operational performance.


What is Endpoint Privilege Management?

Eliminate needless privileges and increase rights to Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows, and network devices without impacting productivity.

Enforce Least Privilege and Remove Local Admin Rights

Eliminate excessive end user privileges and manage applications on network, Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows devices - all without blocking end-user productivity.

Supported Systems for Endpoint Privilege Management


Minimize the risk of privilege misuse or abuse on macOS or Microsoft Windows by lifting privileges to recognized good applications that need them, controlling program use, reporting, and logging of privileged activities.

Windows Servers

Empower sysadmins to perform their tasks under the security of a least privilege environment. Application control polices lock down the server, ensuring that only trusted and known scripts and applications can execute.  

Linux and Unix Servers

Meet compliance requirements and contain and prevent breaches that can impact Linux and Unix platforms by auditing activity, removing credential sharing, and lifting commands without needing users to have root access.

Network Devices

Control which commands can be run by users, record sessions, and offer a comprehensive audit trail of user activity on all SCADA, ICS, IoT, and network devices.

Active Directory Bridge

Centralize authentication for Mac, Linux, and Unix environments by extending the Kerberos single sign-on and authentication of Active Directory.

Product Features

  • Control application usage
  • Eliminate embedded passwords in apps
  • Meet compliance mandates
  • Protect credentials and passwords
  • Minimize risk from third party access
  • Remove admin privileges from systems and users
  • Support devices, desktops, and users
  • Meet compliance mandates in APJ


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