"I love the Interview Guide. I won't ever do another interview without it if possible. We find it to b..."
Daniel Rothrock
Director of Property Management
"We are extremely happy with the assessments and your interface. Being able to easily rate people agai..."
Rick Malthaner
Director of Sales
"Berke is unlike anything I have seen. I invited a long-standing employee to take the test. I wanted t..."
Audra DiLuciano
Firm Administrator
"We love Berke and I have already referred you to 4 other companies. You should be expecting a call fr..."
Kerri Tandi
Director of HR
"Berke is awesome and so good for us. We interviewed a candidate this morning, used the assessment, an..."
Lauri Redmond
HR Manager
"It is downright freaky how accurate you guys are. We like this candidate and he has made friends, but..."
Mark Taylor
"We were so impressed with the results on the assessment for the Purchasing Agent position that we wou..."
Dave Myllymaki
Director of Operations
"Berke is helping us immeasurably in our sales efforts. We've really improved our sales capabilities...."
Adam Epstein
"Berke has helped us to really dig in and understand our company culture and find the right employees..."
Jennifer Morrison
Marketing Director
"We hired a whole bunch of new people in the last few months. Berke definitely gives us a better view..."
Kohei Kishida
Restaurant Owner
"Berke was like a religious experience once we started using it. It's so freakishly accurate. It's pro..."
Nancy Brown
"Berke blows away the competition. It's easy to use, easy to understand, and dead-on accurate...."
Lisa Calhoun
"There is no more struggling to figure out how a candidate matches a job’s requirements – Berke does i..."
Joeann Lomax
Director of Human Resources
"Berke has been excellent. It has made the recruitment process more efficient by cutting down on the n..."
Candace Freeman
Operations Coordinator
"We found Berke to be spot on. We really appreciate how easy the Job Match details are to interpret...."
David Herd
Director of Compensation & Talent Acquisition
"We see enormous value in the people processes we’ve put forth. Berke has helped us enhance our disti..."
Hatton Smith
President & Chief Executive Officer

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