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Benevity is a grants management platform that is designed to simplify corporate grants projects from beginning to completion. This integrated system offers features to improve productivity, minimize tedious admin tasks, and save time to enable personnel to concentrate on interacting with  partner communities, enhancing stakeholder relations, and effecting community strategies.

Benevity’s grant management solution is one of the modules under the vendor’s Goodness Programs system. The software company also offers tools for managing disaster relief, workplace giving, staff engagement, volunteering, and fundraising campaigns.

The grant management module empowers staff to implement unified strategies for grant making. Its integrated features assist to ensure grant programs deliver tangible value to seeking organizations and the communities they help.


Online Application Form

Benevity’s grants management solution aids to make the application process simpler for both reviewers and applicants. The platform offers a web-based application form that adapts content automatically based on the type and size of grant, its country of origin, focus, and more. After a request is submitted, the software sends it to the concerned decision makers in the recipient organization. Further, the application procedure communicates grant criteria automatically, reviews applicants, and sets up automated correspondence. These workflows help to simplify laborious manual processes, so personnel can perform more work without compromising information accuracy.

Brand Your Materials

Benevity offers features to customize materials to showcase your organization’s look and feel. Plus, it facilitates multi-currency and multilingual applicant experience to cover global organizations. You can verify charity status in real time. Further, you can disburse funds for sanctioned grants via Benevity’s Goodness Platform.

All-in-One Program

Benevity offers a complete 360-degree view of the grants process – from auto-email correspondence to covering budgets, reporting, and documentation. You can review funding summaries easily, get data from a range of reporting features, and maintain an accurate and detailed audit trail. Since this single system covers all grant management phases, your organization needs to invest in only one software.

Follow-up Features

With Benevity’s follow-up capabilities, you can effectively evaluate grants. The platform schedules and delivers automated surveys to funded entities and internal stakeholders. These surveys assist to induct a culture of transparency and accountability in community partners, and permit organizations to enhance profiling and collect success stories.

Product Features

  • Compliance management
  • Contract management
  • Grant award tracking
  • Grant opportunity search
  • Online applications
  • Self-registration


Benevity offers pricing information on request. Contact the company directly to get a custom quote for your organization’s needs.

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