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Backbase empowers financials to speed up their digital transformation. The company’s omnichannel banking system is an advanced digital banking platform that combines functionality from new fintech players and conventional core programs into a frictionless digital consumer experience. This software gives financials the flexibility and speed to produce and manage seamless consumer experiences on any device, and deliver excellent business results. It helps financials to swiftly expand their digital business.

Backbase software is utilized by organizations of all sizes to produce consumer-centric digital experiences that power engagement and self-service, boost online revenues, and improve their consumers’ online experience. Leading global financial institutions and many other enterprises are leveraging Backbase’s customer experience platform.


What is Backbase Platform?

Backbase’s omnichannel digital banking system enables financial institutions to compete strongly in this digital age. It combines new fintech capabilities with features from conventional core systems into a frictionless digital consumer experience, significantly enhancing all customer channels.

Retail Banking

Produce cross-channel, personalized consumer journeys that provide delightful brand experiences on all digital channels. Gain the most from each customer interaction and improve your digital banking prowess.

Corporate Banking

Assist banks to unify silos and produce insights that help customers to manage their cash. The solution’s smart interface combines data, trends, and forecasts to enhance the customer experience, building loyalty, and boosting confidence.

SME Banking

Convert legacy applications and siloed banking channels into a uniform brand experience that’s always available and simple to use. This digital banking solution reduces your time to market by utilizing readymade implementation accelerators and industry best practices.

Wealth Management

Wealth management organizations and private banks can upgrade their old school web programs into trendy digital experiences that enhance engagement and create lasting and valuable client relationships. With Backbase, you can supercharge your advisers and clients.

From Channel Silos to Omnichannel System

You need not spend time producing separate digital banking functions for every channel. Backbase permits you to do all tasks once and distribute them to all channels through a central hub. It is an omnichannel digital banking system that helps banks and financial institutions to orchestrate consumer interactions across all touchpoints.

Product Features

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Retail banking
  • Marketing automation
  • Loan management
  • Credit card management
  • Chat/messaging
  • Cash management


Backbase offers pricing information on request. Contact the company to get a custom quote for your organization’s needs.

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