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What is Automation Anywhere Enterprise?

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the only business process automation platform built for every facet of the Digital Workforce. The platform is optimized for the business user and includes advanced capabilities for developers and administrators. It has the shortest learning curve and is consistently recognized as the easiest to use, most intuitive interface in the industry — for the bot developer, the automation administrator and the business user. The platform is designed and architected for ease of use to enable rapid adoption and scale.

With its advanced cognitive and machine learning technologies, Automation Anywhere is the RPA platform of choice for companies to automate front and back end processes, structured and unstructured data, in all industries and verticals.


RPA for all users: The most intuitive, easiest to use digital workforce platform in the world. It is optimized for the business user, with advanced capabilities for developers.

Deploy your digital workforce: Deploy, manage and audit your Digital Workforce through a highly-intuitive RPA central command center, on-premise or in the cloud.

Safeguard your data: Enable segregation of duties and isolation of machines with the most secure RPA authentication, encryption and credential security frameworks

Analyze and predict bot performance: Analyze and predict operational and business metrics using real-time RPA analytics to build data-driven bots.

Streamline your blended workforce: Optimize and prioritize your human and Digital Workforce to meet the most dynamic service level agreement (SLA) demands. Ensure the most efficient use of all available business process resources with minimal switching costs.

Ensure business continuity: Continuously test and deploy RPA bots with dependency support, complete version control and rollback features: Make business process continuity a non-issue through end-to-end HA/DR across all RPA elements and locations

Manage bot lifecycle: Continuously test and deploy RPA bots with dependency support, complete version control and rollback features.

Automate in virtual environments: AISense enables business process automation across the most complex applications, including Citrix and other virtual environments. AISense marries AI with computer vision.

Connect RPA anywhere: Extend RPA capabilities beyond Automation Anywhere Enterprise with APIs, turn-key integrations, and multi-skilled, resilient and reusable Metabots

Cognitive automation: Automation Anywhere bots are inherently intelligent. IQ Bot is the first purpose-built integrated cognitive automation solution.

RPA on the go: RPA Mobile App enables business process automation anytime, anywhere.


To support the product, Automation Anywhere has the largest RPA ecosystem in the world

Customer success: A+ is the industry's most comprehensive customer success program

Automation Anywhere University: Automation Anywhere University makes RPA training accessible to all with RPA certification programs for every level of RPA needs.

Bot Store: Get started quickly with ready-to-use digital workers

Product Features

  • Admin console
  • Analytics
  • Bank-grade security
  • Cognitive robots
  • Integrations
  • Machine learning
  • Rules setting
  • Single sign-on
  • Version control


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