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Athena Assessment has helped to enhance the hiring processes of hundreds of enterprises and enabled them to find suitable employees for their workforce. The company has also coached numerous Fortune 500 executives, doctors, pilots, college students, bankers, celebrities, artists, engineers, teachers, movie stars, congressmen, ambassadors, small business owners, and more.

The Athena Quotient (AQ) assessment tool stands out for its consistency and predictability. It is not a test but an evaluation and there is no “fail” or “pass”. The exam is not intimidating or laborious for senior leadership, current staff, and prospective employees, and anyone can complete it within 30 minutes. AQ assists organizations to improve their judgment of their workforce which in turn boosts their other investments in information, process improvement, and training.


Make Sound Hiring Decisions

A candidate with wonderful qualifications and credentials may still not turn out to be a productive employee for your company because they may not fit in with your firm’s work culture and values. Athena Assessment helps you avoid the risk of hiring such persons by providing predictive accuracy which enables you to make smart recruiting decisions.

Save Money

Staff members with good judgment understand that it is important to increase sales, minimize expenses, and boost profit. Such workers treat customers, equipment, and products better, rarely get involved in accidents, make fewer claims for worker’s compensation, are more efficient, and not likely to waste inventory or steal things from the office.

Save Time

It is easier and faster to train staff with good judgment and they are less of a strain on their colleagues and supervisors. Plus, they are more likely to be punctual, manage their time smartly, and need less time to complete their tasks.

Decrease Your Workload

You can minimize your workload because there will be fewer problems with difficult and badly behaved employees. Plus, there will be better harmony among all staff groups.

Enhance Your Workplace

By hiring ‘good-fit’ employees you can make your existing workers less stressed and burdened, and happier. Plus you can make your work environments safer and cleaner, and improve the atmosphere and camaraderie in your workplace.

Product Features

  • Test authoring
  • Real-time reporting
  • Online testing
  • Customizable tests
  • Candidate comparison


Per Assessment

  • Ideal for occasional users – typically less than 5 assessments per month
  • Assessment credits never expire – utilize them when you need them
  • All reports are included with every assessment at no extra cost
  • Includes Online Administrator training (cloud based)
  • Volume discounts available


  • Starts at just $500 per month
  • Based on organization size and expected usage
  • Lower overall cost per assessment
  • All reports are included with every assessment at no extra cost
  • Ideal for frequent users – typically 5 or more assessments per month
  • Corporate Budgeting – Fixed total cost (annual, quarterly, monthly invoicing available)
  • For large corporations, the vendor can easily process tens of thousands of assessments

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