"We found true technology partners, not just a vendor, which I thought was a big deal. If you want to..."
Chris Hunter
Mobile Engineering Manager
"With Appboy, We Can Insert Dynamic, Contextual Content Into Our Multichannel Marketing Campaigns. The..."
Christina Vestergaard
"Using Appboy’s Lifecycle Marketing Platform, We Ran Experiments On Our Multichannel Onboarding Campai..."
Derek Cann
Marketing Automation Manager
"By Utilizing Appboy's Conversion Tracking, We were able to Determine The Exact Revenue Brought in By..."
Daniel Leeb
"With Appboy, We Can Experiment And Optimize In Real Time. Sending Highly Contextual And Personalized..."
Eric Tornquist
Chief Marketing Officer
"Our Highest Email Open Rates Are Emails That Help With Onboarding Users…[Creating] Multichannel Onboa..."
Nanea Reeves
"[Appboy's] Ability to Help Us Communicate With Each User in A Culturally Relevant Way...has been an I..."
Igor Lubawinski
Delivery Hero
"Appboy has allowed EPIX to create well-timed rich-image push notifications for both iOS and Android,..."
Reena Puri
Sr. Product Manager
"We Used Appboy To Create And Send Creative Re-Engagement Campaigns Powered By Customer Behavior That..."
Eric Peltier
Director of Marketing, Product, Zedge
"Appboy [Helps Us Take] A Constructive, Thoughtful Approach In Figuring Out What We Can Do Today To Amp..."
Amit Shah
"We See Huge Traffic Gains And We Can Obviously See That Translate Into Sales…Conversion Rates Are Muc..."
Andrew Rauch
Urban Outfitters
"The ability to guide the in-app experience without needing to change the UI makes (in-app messaging)..."
Mike Debella
Marketing Manager

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