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Technical Details Devices Supported
  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile
Customer Types
  • < 50 Small Businesses
  • < 250 Medium Businesses
  • 250+ Large Businesses


Amazon Pay is a subsidiary of giant online retailer and this service was launched in 2007. It allows buyers to make purchases and donations, and arrange recurring payments on a seller’s website by paying through their account. Unlike PayPal, a customer doesn’t need to exit a merchant’s website to make a payment. This service integrates with numerous e-commerce providers including Shopify and Magento. It is a convenient and transparent platform that is leveraged by big-ticket retailers such as Purple, Canon, Lenovo, and others.

Amazon Pay was previously called Pay with Amazon and Amazon Payments. It replaces older platforms like Checkout by Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay. The best part is shoppers can save time by utilizing the existing billing and shipping information in their Amazon account while buying on a merchant’s website and don’t need to exit to another website to complete the purchase.


Benefits for Small to Medium Businesses 

Improve Your Checkout

Enable Amazon customers to purchase without creating a new account or inputting their credit card details.

Boost Conversions

Amazon Pay can help you reduce cart abandonment and enhance conversions.

Utilize Amazon’s Expertise

Benefit from Amazon’s checkout optimization and e-commerce innovation to grow your business.

Benefits for Large Enterprises 

Build and Scale

Utilize Amazon Pay’s checkout optimization expertise to increase conversions and minimize cart abandonment.

Get Comprehensive Support

Amazon’s account managers and solution architects help you to fully leverage the potential of Amazon Pay to boost your business.

Utilize Voice

Benefit from the rising voice shopping trend by using Amazon Pay’s tools and knowledge.

Protection for You and Your Shoppers 

A-to-z Guarantee

Give peace of mind to your customers with Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee on qualifying purchases at no extra cost.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Deploy Amazon Pay's fraud detection know-how to safeguard your business.

Customer Verification

Verify and validate customers with a trusted and familiar login.

Product Features

  • Inline checkout
  • Automatic payments
  • Fraud protection technology
  • Voice solutions
  • Charitable donations
  • Multiple integration options
  • Amazon Seller Central


Amazon Pay fees

Transaction fees



Domestic processing fee

fee: $0.30

Total Transaction

Web & 


2.9% ($0.29)



(real-world goods, services)


4% ($0.40)




Cross-border processing fee



processing fee

fee: $0.30

Total Transaction

Web & 


3.9% ($0.39)



(real-world goods, services)


5% ($0.50)




Disputed chargeback fee

  • $20 plus tax applicable tax

Refunds of transaction fees

For a refund, you will be refunded the below transaction fees, as applicable:

  • The domestic processing fee (for instance, the 2.9% fee)
  • The cross-border processing fee (for instance, the 3.9% fee)

Note that the disputed chargeback fee and authorization fee are non-refundable.

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