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Alteryx is a business intelligence solution for data analysts that provides predictive analytics and data mining tools. It permits you to combine data from various sources, including Salesforce, Hadoop, and MS Excel, using drag-n-drop functionality to organize raw data for analytics. The vendor provides multiple deployment options including SaaS and on-premise.

With Alteryx, you can produce analysis modules/sequences which is a series of steps that define how data is processed or fused with other information sources for deeper analysis. You can share the results from the data modules as a report or export them to other sources like MS Excel, or data visualization tools such as QlikView and Tableau. Further, you can download reports in several formats, including PDF, XML, and Excel files. The software generates the dataset for visualization or analysis utilizing data quality, transformation, and integration tools.


Easy-to-Use Interface

Alteryx empowers you to prepare and blend data into intuitive and repetitive workflows. This means you don’t need to wander across systems or summarize information in an inaccurate manner. The platform offers a simple drag-n-drop interface which can be mastered quickly and easily.

Collects Data from All Sources

Alteryx provides you a secure and private data repository that is controlled and governed by selected users. You can extend this database’s capability with open APIs if needed. The application collects data in all formats and from different sources like Office files, Hadoop stores, warehouses, databases, and others. Scripting tools then blend the data with your other information. Reports are produced swiftly leveraging a range of predictive solutions (R statistical language).

Customizable Software

Alteryx facilitates a high level of personalization and customization. This makes it a cut above competitor BI products which are typically inflexible. The program offers personal views and screens, and can help you to save a lot of time and money in the long run which makes it a valuable investment for any company.

Product Features

  • Data blending
  • Drag-and-drop workflows
  • Encrypted storage
  • Encryption, security, and governance
  • Export and import packages
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Mapping
  • Predictive analysis
  • Sharing
  • Spatial analysis


Alteryx Designer - $5,195/user/year

Code-Free meets Code-Friendly Data Analytics

  • Agnostic Data Access
  • Data Prep and Blending
  • Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Visualytics
  • Report and Share Insights in all Formats

Additional Capabilities For Alteryx Designer

Location Insights Dataset - $11,700/user/year

TomTom, DigitalGlobe Data Packages, and more

  • Analytics-ready data, maps, and boundaries
  • Global data packages offered

Business Insights Dataset - $33,800/user/year

Demographic, Firmographic Data, Spatial, and Segmentation Packages

  • US package: Experian data, US Census Bureau data, D&B, and more
  • Canadian package: Firmographic data from D&B and Statistics Canada Census

Desktop Scheduling - $6,500/user/year

Schedule and Automate Analytic Processes

  • Set and control scheduling from desktop
  • Automate operational reports

Alteryx Server - $58,500/year

Reliable and Secure Analytic Scaling for the Masses

  • Enterprise Scalability
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Analytic Governance
  • *Base price for single server with 4-cores

Additional Capabilities For Alteryx Server

Alteryx Connect - $39,000/year

Data and Asset Discovery Access, Collaboration, and Sharing

  • Data Asset Discovery and Cataloging
  • Metadata Management
  • “Google-like” Data Search

Alteryx Promote – Contact the vendor for details

Data Science Model Generation and Management

  • Deploy Predictive Models
  • Model Version Management
  • Monitor Model Performance

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