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Datawatch presents a data-to-visualization solution that offers connection to a diverse and large group of data sources. It can extract formatted data from PDFs and invoices, and also access simpler databases, files, and other ordered formats. In addition, the tool provides support for real-time streaming data sources which you can view in real-time dashboards.

Datawatch gained the data visualization and advanced real-time capabilities from its purchase of Panopticon in 2014. The company offers many discrete desktop products. These applications can unlock data from a wide array of sources and prepare it for usage in analytics and visualization tools, or for other processes. In addition, Datawatch allows you to analyze streaming data, even in demanding environments like capital markets.


Benefits of Datawatch Monarch

Works with Multiple Report Formats

Datawatch Monarch can function with an array of report formats including text, HTML, XML, PDF, ASCII, and spool files. You can access data from sales reports, invoices, customer lists, balance sheets, logs, inventory, and more. The software is simple to use and allows you to swiftly choose a file and automatically transform it into ordered data for analysis.

Automated Data Preparation

Almost all datasets have mistakes. Monarch helps here as it offers over 80 pre-designed functions for data preparation. You can easily convert inaccurate and incomplete data into a form suitable for analysis.

Dependable Redaction

Effortlessly obscure or remove sensitive data such as employee IDs, medical records, and customer info with intuitive redaction features. This capability enables you to secure and distribute reports to customers and partners, even in highly regulated sectors such as financial services and healthcare, without compromising employee and customer privacy.

Collaborate and Export

You can instantly export reports for visual data analysis or export them to flat files or a database for distribution and collaboration across your enterprise.

Simple to Use

Monarch can be easily mastered even by lay users. For instance, you can perform tasks like gleaning data from a PDF with a simple button click, thanks to intelligent trapping and auto-parsing capability. In addition, you can effortlessly filter out data that is not useful.

Product Features

  • Access any set of complex data
  • Auditable through a complete lineage and full change history
  • Automate duplicable work with reusable ‘recipes’
  • Join and blend disparate data
  • Easy data prep with over 80 pre-built functions. No macros or scripting needed.
  • Eliminate human error and manual work
  • Export to any analytics or business intelligence platform
  • Excellent report trapping of text-based and PDF reports


You can buy licenses of Monarch Complete v14 subscription on Datawatch’s e-commerce site. Visit the website or contact the vendor for pricing details.


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