"We have doctors who are very passionate about treating diabetes in the Delta. Through the Beacon Comm..."
Daniel Thomas
Assistant Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
"We’re to the point that most hospitals and clinics across the nation can exchange clinical informatio..."
Yechiel Gepner
Chief Information Officer
"The system does not require any change in workflow or the way providers work…It presents all informat..."
Ludovic Abraham
Chief Technology Officer
"Some physicians needed 10 minutes to gather the information they needed to practice good medicine, no..."
Rina Yahalom
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
"Because acute is so closely aligned with our ambulatory care, it’s much easier to get the patient imm..."
Alton Powell
MD, Chief Medical Information Officer
"When we talk about what Sunrise did for us, relative to our magnet status journey, the most important..."
Nancy Ray
Chief Nurse Executive
"Overall, Sunrise solutions are beneficial because well-designed order sets reduce errors and guide yo..."
Jonathan Dawrant
Pediatric endocrinologist
"We send about 30-40 TPN orders every day...Prior to the Sunrise order set it would take 5–10 minutes..."
Jack Rabi
"Payerpath is a user-friendly program… We have a cleaner claims rate and we receive payments more quic..."
Joanne DeGennaro
Business Office and IT Administrator
"We’ve been automated since the early 1980s and updated our system to Allscripts Sunrise in 2009… Beca..."
Lynn Bular
Manager of Hospital Systems
"One of the biggest plusses of our LIS [laboratory information system] is that it is a rules-based sys..."
Chuck Kulla
LIS Coordinator
"We can send chart documents direction from Care Management, eliminating the need to print off documen..."
Lynn Watson
Case Management Director
"We have to use technology to build clinical pathways and guidelines as an aid to physicians, to help..."
Gary Russell
Chief Information Officer
"The earlier we start treating sepsis, the better. Sunrise is set up to alert our physicians as quickl..."
Bala Chandrasekhar
Chief Medical Officer and Patient Safety Officer
"I’m not sure if innovations like our antibiotic stewardship could happen on another system, because t..."
David Ratto
Chief Medical Information Officer
"Documentation is about patient care, because it’s about access to care. Without it, patients may not..."
Marilyn Dongilli
Physical Therapist

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