"Once they saw how much time they could recover, the nurses quickly became the portal’s biggest advoca..."
Serena Davis
Clinical Informatics & EHR Coordinator & EHR Coordinator
"We want to make sure that our patients are healthy, have a good experience and have a quality and val..."
Geeta Nayyar
Chief Healthcare and Innovation Officer
"Allscripts continues to invest in TouchWorks EHR and move it forward so we can use it to provide the..."
Stephen Nuckolls
Chief Executive Officer
"Allscripts does a great job staying on top of what the government will require next. I don’t know how..."
Marilyn Backus
Software Manager
"Infection control remains one of Salford Royal’s highest priorities. With a sophisticated system, our..."
Rachel Dunscombe
Director of Digital
"In a short time, we saw a significant improvement in patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores while boo..."
Ed Martinez
Senior Vice President
"I look at Allscripts as a partner that is as invested in us as we are in them...."
Lisa Britt
Practice Administrator
"Overall, Sunrise solutions are beneficial because well-designed order sets reduce errors and guide yo..."
Jonathan Dawrant
Pediatric endocrinologist
"We send about 30-40 TPN orders every day...Prior to the Sunrise order set it would take 5–10 minutes..."
Jack Rabi
"We have just completed a complex care plan for a highrisk patient As a result of the standardized car..."
Tom Rich
Clinical Informatics Physician
"I can provide better care to patients because I have better data, I’m able to search the data, and it..."
Jeffrey Foxx
MD Chief Executive Officer
"Allscripts has a fantastic team for Meaningful Use services. The implementation went very well, the r..."
Shannon Riddell
CMA, AAMA Clinical Manager
"I’ve used six other electronic medical record systems over the last 15 years of my career [Profession..."
Todd Martin
Nurse Practitioner
"Using FollowMyHealth and Professional EHR helps us to better track our patients for better outcomes...."
Gwen Howard
Lab Manager
"Family Practice Associates has always been a very independent organization and wants to remain that w..."
Craig Gillispie
"I want to provide the best possible care to my patients, but that can be challenging when someone rec..."
Christina Taylor
M.D., Internal Medicine physician

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