"EPSi helped us find simple, minimal to no-cost approaches to decrease the numbers of labs ordered for..."
Todd Hjorth
Associate Director of Decision Support
"We analyze where we can have the greatest impact to improve outcomes...We have expanded capabilities..."
Wesley Combs
Chief Information Officer
"The universe of solutions able to achieve value is small. The HMG model using OnePartner infrastructu..."
Scott Fowler
M.D., Chief Executive Officer
"Allscripts does a great job staying on top of what the government will require next...I don’t know ho..."
Marilyn Backus
Software Manager
"EPSi reports have made all the difference in terms of assessing quality of care in this fragile popul..."
Helen Currier
Director of Renal and Pheresis Services
"With Allscripts solutions, the inpatient and outpatient sides can access each other’s information wit..."
Michael Ipekdjian
Director of Transitional Care Management
"It was a very robust system from the start. As we kept populating it with progress notes, and more in..."
Bob Davidson
Chief Information Officer
"By interfacing IntelliDose with Touchworks EHR, patient medical history records transfer between the..."
Bassam Ghabach
"Because this is our sixth year working with pay-for-value models, we are seeing some great success......"
Danielle Krueger
Marketing and Communications Manager
"We’ve been automated since the early 1980s and updated our system to Allscripts Sunrise in 2009… Beca..."
Lynn Bular
Manager of Hospital Systems
"One of the biggest plusses of our LIS [laboratory information system] is that it is a rules-based sys..."
Chuck Kulla
LIS Coordinator
"We can send chart documents direction from Care Management, eliminating the need to print off documen..."
Lynn Watson
Case Management Director
"I want to provide the best possible care to my patients, but that can be challenging when someone rec..."
Christina Taylor
M.D., Internal Medicine physician
"The EPSi reporting system has allowed us to have a snapshot of the current and recent patients... dur..."
Ayse Arikan
Attending Physician Renal and Critical Care
"We have a lot of patients who have been with us since they were tiny babies. They have lifelong condi..."
Mary Watson
Senior Decision Support Analyst
"Nutrition can impact outcomes in children with acute and chronic diseases...Reports were created in E..."
Claudia Conkin
Director Clinical Nutrition Services

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