"At Save Mart, we use the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform, which is an easy-to-u..."
Stephen Molina
Information Security Administrator
"Malicious traffic from certain hosts in our network is now detected in an easy way. A very big plus!..."
Koen Vanhees
Security Engineer, Cegeka
"AlienVault USM provides great visibility for the cost, for many of our customers. Seeing the current..."
Darrick Kristich
Founder, Sedara
"AlienVault gave us a platform that fits perfectly with our managed security service offering and prov..."
Mike Kerem
Chief Technology Officer
"Our business must be compliant with all application regulations, i.e. HIPAA, PCI. The USM AiO gives u..."
Daniel Pressner
IT Director
"The #1 best benefit of AlienVault USM is the all-in-one [platform] and not having to switch to differ..."
Eric Shaver II
Security Officer
"AlienVault USM is not a point solution, it’s a unified approach with an open source foundation that d..."
Stefan Schwoegler
Director of Network Operations
"We combine our security expertise with AlienVault USM to keep the client safe and minimize financial..."
Mark Murphy
Chief Operating Officer
"Having a tool like AlienVault completely transformed our process...."
Jason Harper
CEO and Founder
"Overall, AlienVault USM has been the best decision I have made. I wouldn’t sleep as well without it...."
Patrick Collins
Lead IT Manager
"As soon as we deployed USM (without having to rely on any network IDS signatures at all) OTX began im..."
Alissa Knight
Group Managing Partner
"Hawaiian Telcom offers our customers the most up-to-date network security services supported by Alien..."
Matt Freeman
Senior Manager, IP & Managed Services
"USM provides an incredibly quick and easy way to increase the company's security posture by providing..."
Jason Cresswell
IT Security Manager
"I now have the ability to report all vulnerabilities and threats hitting our network to upper managem..."
Lucas Schafroth
IT Security Analyst
"Security is extremely important in our industry. One of the things that was factored into our decisio..."
Joe Hasson
Chief Operating Officer
"When I first started I wanted to understand where our team needed to standardize things, develop some..."
Aaron S. Moffett
Senior Information Security Consultant

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