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  • < 250 Medium Businesses
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What is Agile FleetCommander?

Agile FleetCommander is an automobile pooling and fleet management platform that is designed for the requirements of all types of fleet-managing organizations. It can be successfully deployed by fleet businesses of all sizes as well as universities, governments, public administrations, and more. FleetCommander assists both small as well as large fleets in eliminating old-fashioned paper-based processing by shifting reservations online as well as in efficient sharing of automated vehicle pools.

With this software, drivers can themselves schedule vehicle reservations online and use vehicles most suitable for a specific job. Managers and administrators can centrally review these reservation requests, approve them, and delegate vehicles, while getting immediate notifications on fleet problems or late returns. You can keep customers informed with confirmation emails and utilize online sign-in to access usage data anytime. In addition, features such key management, automated dispatching, and kiosk-based reservations make FOB pickup and return accessible and safe at all locations.


Improve the Use of Your Vehicle Pool

You can view hourly or daily utilization info by fleet site, vehicle, vehicle type, and more. Balance the mixture of “pooled” to “assigned” vehicles. Plus, you can assign vehicles based on criteria such as first in/last in, highest/lowest mileage, oldest/newest, etc.

Make Good Use of Your Employees

Make use of automated policy enforcement, rule validation, and error-checking. Benefit from automatically updating dashboards, which inform your managers, dispatchers, and maintenance staff what needs to be accomplished and when.

Empower your drivers to submit vehicle requests and check their status. Drivers with delegated vehicles can easily report imputed income info and mileage usage online. The software automatically updates vehicle profiles with the newest odometers and automatically generates maintenance reminders.

Improve Budget Use

Make your resources cost-effective to save money. The platform’s automatic policy enforcement reduces your risk by informing your drivers. Receive and review customer feedback to enhance your service quality.

More Benefits

FleetCommander is fully web-based, and it centralizes and automates all aspects of vehicle share pooling, maintenance, scheduling, reservations, and fleet management. This automated online platform enables drivers to select vehicles themselves and eliminates old-fashioned processes for vehicle scheduling reservations.

Customers can effortlessly place reservations in a kiosk or online, and get updates on vehicle status as well as usage summaries through web sign-in. With FleetCommander, you can automate the collection of accurate odometer readings, minimize risks and accidents, track fuel costs, record vehicle inspection and maintenance data, and manage parts inventories. Finally, you can generate standard as well as custom reports that visualize fleet usage, asset and risk, vehicle status, parts, fuel, maintenance, reservations, accidents, and driver and customer feedback.

Product Features

  • Automatic confirmation emails
  • Custom website branding
  • Dispatch management
  • Driver management
  • Fleet billing & charges
  • Fleet maintenance scheduling
  • Fleet metrics & reporting
  • Fuel expense management
  • Inspection & maintenance management
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance dashboard
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Motor pool / daily rental
  • Online driver reservations
  • Online fleet website
  • Parts inventory management
  • Telematics & GPS support
  • Vehicle information
  • Vehicle status tracking and updates
  • Work order management


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