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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Advance Systems.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 27 case studies. Browse this list to see how Advance Systems has worked with different customers like Clonmel Health Care and Ailesbury Nursing Home.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Advance Systems.

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The company was frustrated by the limitations of its existing access control system. There was a pressing need for a more secure system, as the nature of the business demanded the highest level of security. The system in place was very manual and catered for a multiple shift operation. Its manual nature made it difficult to accurately record worked hours. This in turn meant that payroll had to be manually calculated which resulted in the occurrence of frequent errors.
Prior to the introduction of Mitrefinch Time and Attendance Software from Advance Systems, the monitoring of rosters had become a very tedious and slow process. All work times were recorded manually on time sheets. At the end of each week, Robert Fagan was manually calculating the hours worked by each of the 90 employees from a main roster of staff operating over four shifts. These shifts take place between 8.00am and 8.00am the following day. Some shifts are only 6 hours in duration while others last up to 12 hours. Additional staff included cleaning staff working between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

Robert Fagan

Ailesbury Nursing
“The installation of Mitrefinch Time Management System was completed to our specific requirements in 4 days, allowing us to carry on with our business. It has automated all key processes – Heads of Department roster staff, manage employee time and attendance and check anomalies.

The reports that are produced by the system are both informational and actionable. Carton House was able to work with Advance Systems on generating these reports to support the business. The decision to install Mitrefinch Time and Attendance from Advance Systems was made on the basis that it could meet all of the Carton House requirements. The team at Carton House have been impressed at how accessible their contacts at Advance Systems have been and their speed in responding to the changing needs of the business.

John Timmins

Financial Controller
We also use TMSDOTNET internally in some departments for requesting and approving holiday requests. This functionality is extremely useful as both managers and employees can view holiday entitlements and requests. This has definitely helped to improve workflow and processes by removing the need for spreadsheets and other forms of record keeping. I find Advance Systems a very helpful and accommodating group of people to work with. I find the support team very helpful and friendly to deal with. The support we receive on a day-to-day basis is very good with all issues being resolved in a timely manner. With new site set-ups I find the engineers extremely knowledgeable, particularly on payroll requirements.

Hotel Kilkenny reopened following extensive refurbishment in May 2006 with 140 employees. Prior to the refurbishment the hotel used manual time sheets to record employee time and attendance. Time sheets were inaccurate, prone to human error and easily misplaced. For health and safety reasons the hotel needed to know who was on site at all times. Employment legislation in the hospitality sector was increasing. Time sheets were not sufficient to cope with NERA requirements and to prove compliance in the event of a labour inspection.

Kathleen Flynn is the System Administrator for John Sisk who employee over 1000 people. There is a continuous requirement for I.D swipe cards as the number of new on-site employees varies daily. “I issue every new contractor and tradesman with a photo I.D swipe-card, which allows them access to the site from three turnstiles (supplied by Advance Systems) around the perimeter of the site. Prior to the installation of Advance Systems access control we had one security guard at the front entrance and there was no way of knowing who was on site at any particular time.” Explained Ms Flynn.

Kathleen Flynn

John Sisk and Sons Ltd
Lifestyle Sports is Ireland’s largest sports retailer supplying sports equipment, clothing and footwear with 67 stores nationwide, 14 of which are in Northern Ireland. The company has 1000 employees countrywide working temporary, full-time and part-time shifts with irregular work schedules. Mr Tony McEntee, Director explained, ‘In the past we operated a manual hand-written system which was time-consuming, inefficient and open to error. It was impossible to keep an accurate record of hours.” He required a time and attendance solution that would be able to monitor all the different shifts and hours in a variety of locations in an efficient and controlled way.

Tony Mcentee

Prior to installing their time management system from Advance Systems there was no advance rostering and the requirement of Sunday staff was unknown thus costing the hotel higher salary outlay as higher numbers worked the extra time.

Nicola Lawless

HR Manager
The new system enables management at Sennheiser to monitor staff attendance much more effectively. The information in the reports generated by the system is both practical and meaningful and outstrips what was previously available. This in turn has led to greatly improved productivity.

Frank Concannon

IT Manager, Sennheiser
The operation and the running of this organisation is very demanding,” explained Mr Hoey, IT Manager. “Before the introduction of the time managment system, rosters were manually entered with the aid sometimes of spread sheets and there was an abundance of paperwork. We knew a more labour-saving and efficient system had to be implemented.

Mr Hoey

IT Manager
All three companies had previously been using individual time recording and personnel systems. This situation was inefficient so a decision was made to install a system that had the ability to control each site and the varying operating shifts that were in operation at each location. It was also essential that the chosen system could provide for a growing business, allowing control of all areas and most of all, real cost savings.

Geoff Devlin

Project Manager
We absolutely need to keep payroll costs as low as possible, and Time and Attendance Software helps us to achieve this. We would certainly recommend Advance Systems and Mitrefinch time and attendance software to other organisations. Advance Systems has proved that they are more than capable of delivering and supporting solutions to match the highest requirements and standards.


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