"Utilizing the new visual discovery solution, to drill into transaction level details, ensures that li..."
Shyam Desigan
CFO and Sr. Vice President
"With Adaptive Planning, it's all in front of you in real time. When we make changes to reports or for..."
Rick Smith
FP&A Manager
"I really like the formatting features, especially when I am doing variance analysis. For those financ..."
David Nixon
Finance Manager
"As chief operating officer, Adaptive Planning makes my finance role a smaller part of my job because..."
Amanda Anderson
Chief Operating Officer
"It took me 20 years to learn Excel and it's taken me two weeks to learn Adaptive. It doesn't get any..."
Dan Morgan
Vice President of Finance
"Adaptive Planning has allowed us to increase engagement, and significantly reduce the time spent on..."
Kevin Bradshaw
Finance Director
"Every year working in the NFL, we always have new challenges. Sometimes it’s the seasonal headcount b..."
Justin Saltzman
Accounting Manager
"We are in a much better decision-making position to manage through the year and position ourselves fo..."
Nathan Taylor
Vice President, FP&A
"Adaptive changes what we can do. It makes us do it better...."
Harry Vasels
Chief Financial Officer
"Adaptive Insights offers a more efficient way to answer key business questions...."
Tom McKee
Senior Financial Analyst
"Adaptive Insights has a clear hierarchy of levels, making it easy to rollup reports. We can also grou..."
Mike Pritchard
"With Adaptive Insights, we are able to put together a perspective on how each customer in every busin..."
Martin Hogan
VP Strategy & Corporate Development
"Adaptive Insights has been a game changer for me. With this powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based solu..."
Rob Gagliardi
Chief Financial Officer
"Adaptive Insights’ high degree of service was a key differentiator, which led to a high degree of usa..."
Nucleus Research
"The challenge for finance teams today is not just to deliver numbers faster, but to interpret those n..."
Michael O’Connell
Chief Operating Officer
"With Adaptive Insights, it’s made for a career progression in terms of turning from an analyst that’s..."
Tom Siviter
UK Financial Controller

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