"Utilizing the new visual discovery solution, to drill into transaction level details, ensures that li..."
Shyam Desigan
CFO and Sr. Vice President
"Adaptive Planning was the only solution that made sense. It offers a huge leap forward in terms of fu..."
Deborah Lansford
"We now produce a better budget with Adaptive Planning. In addition, we utilize the Great Plains conne..."
Danielle Murcray
"I enlisted a consulting firm, Sana Group, to help us build a three-year strategic financial operating..."
Chaim Guggenheim
"I had been with the organization based in Phoenix, AZ, for about nine months and I recognized a criti..."
Cliff Marnick
Vice President, Director of Finance
"For what we wanted to accomplish, Adaptive Planning made more sense than the big enterprise applicati..."
Clint Bowers
Corporate Treasurer and Financial Reporting Manager
"As chief operating officer, Adaptive Planning makes my finance role a smaller part of my job because..."
Amanda Anderson
Chief Operating Officer
"At Knowledge Universe, we try as much as we can to leverage technology to differentiate us from other..."
Agam Harimurti
Financial Systems Analyst
"With the time savings, ease of analysis, and the scale of consolidation achieved using Adaptive, we’v..."
Andrew Brett
Financial Accounting Manager
"Our rolling fi nancial forecast in Adaptive is really helping us focus on the key decisions and initi..."
Jeff Bergstrom
Chief Financial Officer
"As a state university, we really have to be nimble with the changing tide that could happen quickly w..."
Brian Teets
Financial Systems Manager
"Adaptive Insights gives us more confidence in the data we present. We don’t have to worry about sprea..."
Michael Bright
Director, Financial Planning Analysis
"My job has evolved greatly over the last eight years, from focusing on tactical bookkeeping to lendi..."
Kim Carim
"My accounting team now has the ability to review metrics and data at a much more detailed level, whic..."
Jennifer Crowder
Senior Accounting Manager
"The Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud gives me time to focus on other activities, actually an..."
Kelly Wall
Vice President, Accounting
"We’re accessing Adaptive Insights from more than 50 locations across North America so our managers ca..."
Rodney Engel
Director - Performance Control

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