"The time to implement the system is one of the most impressive things I have seen. I have worked on o..."
Bill Beers
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
"I enlisted a consulting firm, Sana Group, to help us build a three-year strategic financial operating..."
Chaim Guggenheim
"Revising our plan within one day would have been impossible on our old spreadsheet system. With Adapt..."
Jeffrey Chalmers
Corporate Controller
"If you are looking for a solution that is easy to use, simple to implement, and a good price, Adaptiv..."
Todd Caito
Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
"Adaptive Insights has helped me evolve my role from pushing around numbers, to really breaking down d..."
Craig Rucker
Vice President, Finance
"Adaptive is key to keeping up with our growth. If Adaptive fell off the earth, it would be like cutti..."
Dan Bradford
VP of Finance
"With the time savings, ease of analysis, and the scale of consolidation achieved using Adaptive, we’v..."
Andrew Brett
Financial Accounting Manager
"Adaptive Insights has changed my life because now I don't spend a lot of time trying to fix spreadshe..."
Pamela Langshaw
Finance Manager
"The reporting is the holy grail of Adaptive Planning. Being able to drag and drop fields for reports..."
Mike Wong
Director of FP&A
"We’ve switched from thinking about planning once a year to planning on a continuous basis, so we can..."
Thom Keyes
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
"With more precise forecasting and accurate reporting, senior leaders are able to make smarter decisio..."
Mora Reyes
Principal Financial Analyst
"Adaptive helps us understand the critical metrics that drive our business...."
Dan Whalen
Senior Director of Finance
"There’s great potential for infusing our whole organization with analytical thinking, reporting and c..."
Chris Lehman
Head of Finance Strategy
"Cash is king, and understanding your pinch points and your excess cash balances is fundamental to the..."
Duncan Collins
Project Accountant
"Adaptive Insights gives you complete control over the whole financial model and has helped us to be f..."
Carrie Bowers
Principal Finance Officer
"Our mission depends on a large community of folks who support our work. The less time we spend in the..."
Elizabeth Cushing

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