"As an Adallom customer, we now have full insight into our SaaS applications and their usage, allowing..."
Brent Mellow
"Adallom is a necessary component of our SaaS adoption strategy. Their solution allows us to audit use..."
Ziv Mandl
Co-CEO, Matrix Global
"Whether companies realize it or not, most of their intellectual property is moving to the cloud. If t..."
Ken Baylor
Chief Information Security Officer
"SaaS usage has introduced a new set of challenges for our security operations team. We are excited ab..."
John B. Sapp
Sr. Director, Information Security Product Management & Innovation, McKesson
"Migrating our environment to the cloud proved to be a turning point for our security team. To secure..."
Yuval Illuz
Head of Global Infrastructure, ECI Telecom
"Adallom enabled us to securely move to the cloud, which improved productivity and helped IT focus on..."
Menno Oppermann
Corporate IT Manager
"Securing our data in the cloud is critical to maintaining our success. Adallom protects our users and..."
Chris Thibault
Lead Systems Engineer
"Adallom enables us to provide enhanced security services that extend our client's visibility and prot..."
Sivan Rauscher
Cyber Intelligence Specialist, Comsec Consulting
"While there are numerous business benefits in migrating enterprise workloads to cloud services, there..."
Asaf Reshef
Manager, Security Practice ERS, Deloitte
"Cyber defense is an intellectual game of cat and mouse, where each new generation of mice is impervio..."
Prof. Eli Biham
Leading Cryptographer and Cryptoanalyst, Former Dean of Computer Science, Technion

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