Frequently Asked Questions
Describe who the software is best for - their role(s) within what kind of companies.
AchieveIt is the platform that organizations use to get their biggest, most important initiatives out of the boardroom and into reality. Too many great ideas never quite make it across the finish line, because there’s no real way to keep everyone on course and keep everything on track – across every single plan supporting these big initiatives. AchieveIt is an Integrated Plan Management solution that provides a single source of truth where stakeholders can see all related planning activities across the organization come together. We help clients drive these initiatives through to completion by getting everything in view, getting everyone engaged, and getting every possible advantage. It’s how, since 2010, we’ve helped organizations ranging from global corporations to regional healthcare systems, to Federal Government agencies realize $14.4 billion dollars in value while achieving their biggest organizational goals. AchieveIt. Let’s actually do this.
How does this software benefit them?
AchieveIt benefits individuals across an organization in many different ways, including ways specific to the individual's role:

For executives: AchieveIt enables you to understand exactly how your organization is performing on its most important initiatives. Instead of endlessly wondering how KPIs and plans are performing or waiting for days or weeks for outdated updates, automated dashboards are available to visualize performance. And you have access to more than just the high-level updates. Filter across your plans and organizations as needed with the ability to zoom in to the qualitative context at any point.

For managers: Instead of spending your time collecting updates, chasing un-answered emails, or combining reports for executives, managers let AchieveIt do the work for them. By leveraging automated update requests, notifications, custom dashboards, and automated reports, managers can spend their time on high-value work instead of busy-work.

For employees: Far too often employees aren't engaged in their company's plan. In most cases, they don't understand how their work ties into the organization's biggest goals. Not to mention, providing the same update to 3+ people becomes a chore quickly. With AchieveIt, employees can see directly how their work aligns with the organization's goals and can provide status updates in minutes, with no need to log-in to the system.
How technical do users need to be to use the software?
The AchieveIt platform is established to be extremely user-friendly for any user type.
What makes AchieveIt a leader in this space?
AchieveIt operates at an executive, management, and team member level. While most work management tools operate only at a highly detailed level and most business intelligence (BI) tools only provide a high-level view, AchieveIt connects the work being done to the overall results. What's more, your AchieveIt software comes with an entire Execution Consulting team that works with you to optimize your plans, train your team, and adapt your processes so you can see an ROI as soon as possible.
Who are your biggest competitors (3-5 companies)?
In most cases, companies are moving to AchieveIt from manual processes or disparate tools. Instead of relying on these tools, they leverage the ease and simplicity of AchieveIt. Here are a few common scenarios our customers faced before AchieveIt.

Excel & Powerpoint: Excel hosts all the important plans (goals, initiatives, milestones, etc.) and the strategy team uses manual processes to collect updates from across the organization. As the updates come in through email or status meetings, everything is compiled in Excel and then transformed into a Powerpoint for Executives.

Sharepoint/MS Teams: Instead of extremely manual and "offline" systems, some companies migrate to a similar process but on a shared network. While collaboration is easier, these companies still struggle with manual processes and improving visibility and accountability across the organizations.

Multiple Systems (Project Management & Business Intelligence): In some cases, organizations use what they currently have in their tech stack. This is largely a mix of Project Management or Task Management solutions combined with the Analytics of Business Intelligence Tools. Project Management tools are incredible for tracking fine details but often struggle with connecting work across the organization and integrating plans, initiatives, and KPIs together. BI Tools are great at seeing data but don't allow for the additional context behind the data, or tying the "why" with the "what."
How/why is AchieveIt better than those competitors (or most others in their market)? What about it is unique, stronger, easier, etc.?
AchieveIt is purpose-built to solve the problems surrounding strategic planning, strategy execution, and overall plan management. By identifying the unique personas within an organization, AchieveIt is focused on delivering value for all individuals within an organization. Key differentiators include 360-degree visibility across your organization through customized dashboards and a Multi-Plan view, automated updates that require no log-in by end-users, ease of use and flexibility to ensure the success of every organization, and a commitment to a partnership through world-class Customer Success and Strategy Consulting teams.
What kind of features can customers expect to see in the near future? And longer term?
AchieveIt is continually committed to hearing customer feedback and being responsive to adapt the product to fit their needs.
Which popular or common software does your product integrate with?
We do have the ability to integrate with a number of systems through custom integrations.
Software pricing can often be complex. If it's pretty straightforward, list tiers, pricing (per year, seat, etc), limits, etc. If it's not simple, use broad estimates or ranges for typical setups.
Pricing for AchieveIt is customized based on the engagement with every customer. With the largest driver being the number of individuals needing access to the system, we will work with you to determine the exact engagement that works for your organization and budget.
Is there a trial or free download available?
While there is no free trial or download available, we can work with you to schedule a customized demonstration with your specific information in the system.
What kind of training/education is offered?
In addition to the onboarding education our Customer Success Managers deliver, we also offer additional workshops conducted by our Strategy Consultants.
Describe the implementation process and timeline.
Our goal is to make the implementation process as seamless as possible. In the first week, you’ll see your plan come to life in AchieveIt. We’ll train your team, get your executive leaders excited about the potential, drive adoption, and schedule your first Execution Essentials workshop. You can expect to be live and collecting updates in under 30 days. We will work to create an implementation timeline to move as quickly as needed for your organization.
What are the support options? List all.
Your Customer Success Manager continues to be a resource for you throughout your time with AchieveIt beyond the implementation phase. You can expect frequent check-ins to discuss best practices and new features, regular reviews to ensure you’re getting the most value from AchieveIt, an annual executive business review to discuss the retrospective of your plan, and on-going workshops with our Consulting Services team.