"We hear from the developers at sites where not every group uses AccuRev that they are often accosted..."
Chris Boran
Development Manager, Symantec Corporation
"We restructured our source tree to match our organization around a suite of products which meant movi..."
John Morris
Director of Quality and Release Engineering, Kronos
"You just can't cut a branch in CVS like you can instantly create a stream in AccuRev. With AccuRev, y..."
David Tarbox
Director, Software Development, Litle & Co
"AccuRev provides flexibility that we could only dream of with our previous SCM systems. It avoids hou..."
John Mears
Technical Architect
"AccuRev has provided us with greater flexibility and visibility into our development process, and its..."
Rick Hoff
CTO, Tyler Technologies
"With other tools, sending individual issues live isn't an option. It could take one person up to 3 mo..."
Andrew Butel
CEO and Founder, EndGame
"AccuRev has the best technical support of any software company I’ve ever dealt with, with respect to..."
Craig Denson
QA Engineer, DriveCam
"The real benefit of AccuRev to the business is time to market. We are saving time on every release an..."
Shailaja Shankar
Senior Vice President
"We were completely transitioned to AccuRev in only two weeks and haven’t had a hitch since...."
"AccuRev fits well with our business processes and enables us to change and create new processes. With..."
Martin Davies
Chief Technology Officer, bet365
"Once you get used to how AccuRev works and the power and flexibility of the tool, you look back and s..."

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