"Accellion provided immediate value by allowing us to easily replace our legacy solution and hit our i..."
Jan Arvay
VP, Information Systems, Sauder
"Our clients' requirements are even more important than our own. Being able to safely browse, edit, sh..."
Shawn Schmidt
Infrastructure Manager, Allens Linklaters
"Many of our employees prefer to use the Accellion solution over old drop box- style solutions as it i..."
Alex Buchanan
Director, Technology Operations, Hogarth
"I would recommend this product to other organizations without hesitation. The Accellion solution is t..."
Mike Wilson
Director of IT Infrastructure
"Our organization relies on Accellion for file collaboration and the ability to sync content, so we ca..."
Justin Daniels
Web Services/Software Engineering IT, Support Manager, MiTek
"Accellion security and management capabilities gives us a major advantage. We evaluated a number of s..."
John Willis
Enterprise Architect, Wessex Water
"We wanted to maintain Outlook for its primary purpose—a messaging server—and find a more efficient wa..."
Charlie Townsend
"We wanted an efficient secure file sharing solution that could enhance collaboration – rather than si..."
Allen Hammond
Director of IT
"The solution allows internal employees to effortlessly transfer files to external users, who then lev..."
Kean Millward
Chief Technology Officer
"Now that we have the Accellion solution, we can quickly send our creative works to clients to collabo..."
Dallas LaRose
Enterprise Systems Supervisor, GSD&M
"Accellion takes the guesswork out of what people are sending and how, putting important checks and ba..."
Michael Lucas
CTO, Pepperdine University
"With Accellion, we’ve empowered users to work in different ways, in a manner that makes them more pro..."
David Hayes
IT Operations Manager
"Our number one priority was ease of use. We wanted to train our people once and equip them with the m..."
Gord Boyes
Manager of Information Technology
"The transition to kiteworks has been incredibly smooth. Both internal and external users are very hap..."
Stéphane Jouanne
IT Manager
"Our goal was to provide secure, universal access to all County files, while keeping the data in-house..."
Brian Goshorn
Senior IT Analyst
"We chose Accellion because it was the best suited solution to meet our very rigorous security require..."
Vincent Laluque
ISS Core Services Manager

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