"Our customers needed to implement a secure way to manage content that was being shared and created on..."
Chuck Nguyen
VP of Technology, Inno4
"I can’t put a high enough dollar amount on the efficiency gains that have resulted from using Accelli..."
Kawa Farid
Infrastructure Manager, Hyundai
"Having a unified experience across all devices means that our teams can access, collaborate and share..."
Gregory Floro
Director of IT, GSG
"Our goal is to extend the power and performance of applications and services to our customers’ rapidl..."
Keith Reading
Managing Director, Qolcom
"We search for technologies that our employees are comfortable using, but not at the expense of our pa..."
Wes Wright
CIO, Seattle Children’s Hospital
"Accellion provided immediate value by allowing us to easily replace our legacy solution and hit our i..."
Jan Arvay
VP, Information Systems, Sauder
"Before implementing Accellion I received numerous calls about ad hoc large file transfers. Since its..."
John D. Halamka, M.D. M.S.
CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"Accellion has proven its worth each and every day. The solution plays a critical role in helping us f..."
Andy Jurczyk
Chief Information Officer
"Accellion FTA struck us as a secure, user-friendly alternative to email for file sharing that would m..."
Josh Gerson
Sr. Enterprise Application Analyst
"We have been a happy Accellion customer for years. Accellion is a great choice for Thiess due to the..."
Vince Smith
Systems Administrator, Thiess
"Accellion takes the guesswork out of what people are sending and how, putting important checks and ba..."
Michael Lucas
CTO, Pepperdine University
"With Accellion, we’ve empowered users to work in different ways, in a manner that makes them more pro..."
David Hayes
IT Operations Manager
"When something works as promised, it’s a beautiful thing. And, the bottom line with kiteworks is it j..."
Entertainment Technology Company
Business Systems Manager
"We chose Accellion because it was the best suited solution to meet our very rigorous security require..."
Vincent Laluque
ISS Core Services Manager
"95 percent of our data must be kept confidential, driving us to find a secure mode to exchange inform..."
Josh Kuntz
ISO, Texas Juvenile Justice Department
"The transition to kiteworks has been incredibly smooth. Both internal and external users are very hap..."
Stéphane Jouanne
IT Manager

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