"I can’t put a high enough dollar amount on the efficiency gains that have resulted from using Accelli..."
Kawa Farid
Infrastructure Manager, Hyundai
"I would recommend this product to other organizations without hesitation. The Accellion solution is t..."
Mike Wilson
Director of IT Infrastructure
"Our organization relies on Accellion for file collaboration and the ability to sync content, so we ca..."
Justin Daniels
Web Services/Software Engineering IT, Support Manager, MiTek
"Accellion acts as the single platform for users to access, review and collaborate on content from mob..."
Ian Lawrence
IT Manager, Camden
"Many of our employees prefer to use the Accellion solution over old drop box- style solutions as it i..."
Alex Buchanan
Director, Technology Operations, Hogarth
"The rise of BYOD and ever-increasing security concerns mean we need new mobile features and capabilit..."
Carl Scarbrough
Senior Project Manager of Strategy and Emerging Technologies, Tennessee Valley Authority
"We wanted an efficient secure file sharing solution that could enhance collaboration – rather than si..."
Allen Hammond
Director of IT
"Accellion brings a new level of accountability to our interactions. Thanks to the solution’s automati..."
Rodney Herbel
Director of Litigation Services Support
"Before implementing Accellion I received numerous calls about ad hoc large file transfers. Since its..."
John D. Halamka, M.D. M.S.
CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
"Accellion’s secure file sharing solution was exactly what we needed. Not only can internal users tran..."
Steven M. Erde, PhD, M.D.
Senior Director and Chief Security Officer
"Now that we have the Accellion solution, we can quickly send our creative works to clients to collabo..."
Dallas LaRose
Enterprise Systems Supervisor, GSD&M
"The Accellion solution has not only eliminated our FTP support issues but also reduced the practice a..."
MGI Metro Group
"We had an immediate need to deploy a file sharing solution with enterprise-grade security that would..."
Systems Administrator
"The ease-of-use and proven security led us to use Accellion as our own enterprise Dropbox...."
Edmund Lim
Technology Architect, Arrow Energy
"kiteworks is at the core of our customer communications. We’ve benefited greatly from end-toend secur..."
IIjo Bundevski
IT Manager
"95 percent of our data must be kept confidential, driving us to find a secure mode to exchange inform..."
Josh Kuntz
ISO, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

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