"The entire company looks at the queries throughout the day and the end result is numerous internal di..."
Scott Hublou
Senior Vice President, Product and Customer Operations.
"MapAnything gets granular and allows for a lot more focus on our data. We can choose whatever objects..."
Charles Sawyer
IT Systems Analyst, Dyax.
"In this day and age, any time not wasted is gold. MapAnything has greatly boosted our productivity in..."
Nick B. Meyer
Sales Support Manager
"MapAnything rocks. It saves our sales reps time, and everyone knows time is money when you're a sales..."
Leyna Hoffer
CRM Success Manager
"MapAnything is an indispensable tool for local sales management and sales reps. It provides deep insi..."
Erik van den Hurk
International Salesforce Coördinator
"Mapanything has been a huge time saver. We're able to pull in opportunities, we're able to pull in le..."
Chas Scarantino
VP of Sales
"That's where MapAnything was instrumental. You could quickly bring up a map on whatever territory you..."
John Reid
Regional VP SMB Sales
"Using mapanything, our client managers increased their number of meetings by 44%...."
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
"Mapanything and salesforce give us end-to-end visibility. We reduced wasted field visits by 50%, and..."
Garry Nash
East Sussex Highways
"Before MapAnything, I was only able to complete about 10 to 15 cases a day, and now, I am able to com..."
Jack Griffiths
Senior Highway Steward
"We know there’s always a need to resolve address issues; MapAnything makes that a simple process for..."
Dave Stanfield
Head of Research & Development
"Well the big thing that data visualization through MapAnything provides is the ability to plan, which..."
Jim Buchan
SalesForce Product Manager
"MapAnything enabled us to track time spent travelling from case to case as our service engineers chec..."
Paul Carass
Salesforce Administrator
"MapAnything was extremely easy to implement and for my team members to understand. The availability o..."
Andie Camara
Head of Sales
"The ability to use MapAnything with all client information on a mobile device is a huge benefit...."
N. Dabrowsky
Regional Sales Team
"When Costain/CH2M came forward with Salesforce and Mapanything, it was a very different, very innovat..."
Samantha Neame
Service Development Manager

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