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Contact current users to see how they are using JetBrains to benefit their business.

Contact current JetBrains users to see how they are using JetBrains to benefit their business.

Geoff Newman

Managing Director, Recruitment Genius

Geoffrey Vandiest

Chief Technical Architect, Fluxys

Filip Ekberg

Software Engineer, Star Republic

Ken Watts

VP Platform Engineering, Documentum

Danilo Gurovich

Co-author of Struts Recipes, EarthLink inc

Graeme Rocher

Grails creator

Robert C. Martin

CEO, Object Mentor Inc

Glen Stampoultzis

Director, TriNexus

Karl Avedal

Co-Founder, IronFlare/Orion Application Server

Stephan Schmidt

CTO, Neotis Wissensmanagement GmbH

Mike Sick

VP Development, Usermagnet Inc.

Micah Martin

8th Light Inc.

Jan Van Ryswyck

Senior Analyst/Programmer, SD WORX

Andreas Fink

Head of Development, Mark 5 GmbH

Aaron Jensen

Director of Engineering, Eleutian Technology, LLC

Ingo Rammer

CEO and Co-founder, Thinktecture

Jeremy Anderson

Agile Software Developer, Atomic Object

Niels Hartvig

Founder, Umbraco

Gerard de Brieder

Founder, Govannon

Joshua Kerievsky

Founder, Industrial Logic Inc

Brian Di Croce

Software Consultant and Trainer, Pretty Objects Computers, Inc.

Rob Reynolds


David Starr

Chief Software Architect

Jonathan Edwards


Jason Meridth

Lead Software Developer, Wachovia

Geoff Bennett

Axcess Consulting

Mark Durrand

Director of IT, uSwitch

Simon Botting

Founder and Senior Programmer, Enbuenosaires.com

Daniel Siegl

Head of Development, LieberLieber

Sean Chambers

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Flagler County School District in Bunnell

Dave Mozealous

Articulate, www.mozealous.com

Russell Ball


Christopher Bennage

Software Developer and Consultant, Blue Spire Consulting, Inc

Daniel Schröder

Development lead