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Contact current users to see how they are using BroadSign to benefit their business.

Contact current BroadSign users to see how they are using BroadSign to benefit their business.

Karim Assad

Chief of Engagement and Motivation

Adriana Cacace

General Manager

Matthew Stoudt

CEO and Co-Founder

Jon Barnes

COO, Mediplay

Kim Sarubbi


Christopher Culver

President and CEO

Kristian Diaz

Chief Technology Officer

Gordon MacSween

Founder and Director

Ricardo Espirito Santo

Director of Operations

Justin Kingston

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Bovey

General Manager Operations

Ashin John

Digital Network Engineer

Rajneesh Rawat

Co-founder and Managing Director

Thomas Nielsen

Service Manager

Edin Pasalic

CEO and Co-Founder

Peter Krieger

President and COO

Sebastian Obregon

CEO, Enmedio

Sarah Parkes

Managing Director

Ross Barrett

Managing Director

Paul Daniels

Operations Director

Adrian Lovejoy

Service Delivery Director

Giorgi Trapaidze

CEO, Alma

Tomaž Pernovšek

CEO, TSmedia

Luciano Ramo

Executive Director

Andrew Walker

Chairman and CEO

Fabio Battaggia

CEO, Grandi Stazioni

Scott Elliot

Vice President of Sales

Christian Brauch

Director of Operations
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