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Contact current users to see how they are using Appian to benefit their business.

Contact current Appian users to see how they are using Appian to benefit their business.

Will Barrett

Senior Operations Officer

Ryan Johnson

Assistant Vice President, Enterprise Holdings

Josh Seeman

Director of Process and Software Quality

Achal Augustine

IT Manager for Services and Solutions, Flowserve

Ray Lunaburg

Director of Process Analyses and Improvement, General Kinematics

Kathy Eichholz

Director, Information Technology

Andrew Watts

Executive, Customer Service Improvement

Rob Kane

SVP - Business Lead Walmart/Sam's Club

Phillip Merrell

Vice President, IS Strategy & Shared Services

Alexis Castillo-Soto

Head of IT Solution

Stevhan Davidson

Head of Customer Relationships

Michael DeGroff

Chief Technology Officer

John Kwamya

Director, Business Process Improvement

Donna J.Petersen


Stephen Allen

Head of Investments

George Batejan

Global Head of Technology and Operations

Charlotte Ruhe

Director Small Business Support Team

Karen Matijak

Vice President of Business Process Improvement

Chad Sheridan


Mario Martinelli

Chief Information Officer

Kevin Shelcott

Director of Publishing Services

William Flowers

Chief Information Officer and Vice President

Kevin Dalley

Business Process and IT Director

Brian Flynn


Michael Sheehan

Chief Information Officer

Ingolv Urnes


Donald Davidoff

Vice President Pricing & Revenue Management

Mark Whiteside

Director of Performance & Research Management, DAU

Mark Whiteside

CFO, Defense Acquisition University

Stephan Blasilli

Corporate Development Manager, EDPR North America

Pat Steinmann

Department Manager, Request Services, Information Technology, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Mathieu Drouin

Solution Architect

George Nasoulis

Assistant General Manager

Paul McGarrigle

Head of Business Improvement