"Yammer is bringing us a leap of innovation, creativity, and collaboration that we have not witnessed..."
Manmohan S Kalsy
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
"Leveraging an enterprise social network helps us grow our business by enabling our staff—who are inna..."
Shekhar Ramamurthy
Joint President
"With Yammer, we are able to dramatically extend and enrich the learning experience of the executives..."
Philippe Haspeslagh
"At a business school, you don’t just learn from the professor in front of the classroom, you learn fr..."
Vincent Bagué
Manager, Learning Innovation Center
"As soon as you start exposing the underlying knowledge of your whole network, you start seeing connec..."
Lawrence De Voe
SVP and Chief Technology Catalyst
"Employees in our fulfillment center spend the majority of their time on their feet away from computer..."
Rachel Mehl
Head of Employee Programs
"Our aim was to create a company culture that fostered openness, bringing a real community feel to the..."
Frans Klaassen
Regulatory Business Unit Manager
"Yammer has been a resounding success. More than 80 percent of all employees, including senior managem..."
Mirjam Riedel
Program Manager
"In my experience, the best ideas come from people working together who wouldn’t normally be. Yammer c..."
Katherine Crisp
Head of Strategy and Innovation
"Yammer increases our productivity by bringing people together so we get a better snapshot of customer..."
Brittany Lang
Marketing Specialist
"Yammer has completely revolutionized my working life from start to finish...."
Rena Patel
Brand & Advertising Campaign Manager
"Yammer lets us run a champagne campaign on lemonade money...."
Andy Ridley
"The EOP interface is familiar and easy to use and the filtering is excellent. We get rock-solid prote..."
Kari Hänninen
Architect in Corporate Information Management
"Yammer has brought our department together more quickly and effectively than any other single thing w..."
Neil Castles
Director General, Department of Housing and Public Works
"We will have a frontline mobilized workforce that will spend between 10 to 20 percent less time back..."
David Johnson
Acting Chief Superintendent
"I absolutely believe Yammer has increased clarity of purpose and vision at ACT Conferencing. It has e..."
Mark Kelly
President & COO

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