"While skiing on the French Alps, I got an SMS that my team urgently needed to run an ETL job. I logge..."
Ilya Kazansky
Founder and CTO
"With Xplenty, everything is seamless and flexible. You actually enjoy doing data migration. In the pa..."
Maxime Verger-Del Bove
Software Engineer
"Xplenty saves us time dealing with data since it isn't necessary to change the schema constantly. We..."
Slava Borodovsky
Senior BI Director and Data Scientist
"WalkMe's task of running over very big queries, opening the stream, aggregating the vast amounts - wi..."
David Ilievsky
R&D Director
"Before Xpently processing our data was a daunting task. Now it’s a pleasure...."
Craig Burton
Technical Director
"Xplenty has streamlined our process and reduced our costs by making it both more efficient and easier..."
David Cox
Systems Director
"The biggest advantage is the speed of changes that we can do, the scalability, and the independence t..."
Shachar Avrahami
Success Operations Manager
"Your support is amazing, and this is something that you cannot highlight enough...."
Matthew Brandt
Lead Digital Analyst
"Before Xplenty, the way we had been doing the reporting was just nuts. Every Monday, our consultant w..."
Joe Marcus
Director of Analytics
"They really have provided an interface to this world of data transformation that works. It’s intuitiv..."
Dave Schuman
CTO and Co-Founder
"Before Xplenty, I spent a lot of time working on that custom software. After we started using Xplenty..."
Laszlo Bodor
Software Engineer
"We're getting that data prepared for our data science team to do some advanced analytics and get the..."
Matthew Cancilla
Associate Director for Data Management
"One of the main things that we liked about Xplenty was the UI. The user interface is just a lot clean..."
Steve Loudermilk
PMO Manager
"With Xplenty we’re able to be very agile and constantly change the way that we message and source the..."
Matthew Delahousaye
DevOps Engineer
"Xplenty automates pulling together our data, whether on-prem or in the cloud, into a central location..."
French Williams
IT Manager
"Xplenty's Salesforce integration has allowed our analysts to clean and transform our Salesforce data..."
Fabio DeSousa
Product Development Associate

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