"Sentinel is validation for us that our website security program is headed in the right direction. We..."
Josh Sokol
Information Security Program Owner, National Instruments
"When we began the SecurityCheck evaluation the WhiteHat Security team walked us through the process a..."
Glenn Leifheit
Senior Information Security Consultant
"With Whitehat, we use a very lightweight VM. Setup was very fast and straightforward...."
Daniel Bondurant
"Protection of Web-based applications tops our customers' security wish list... With our AVS service,..."
Peter Tippett
Vice President of Innovation and Technology
"Having no false positives and engineers available for in-depth explanation of our vulnerabilities has..."
Raymond Pompon
Director of Security
"WhiteHat has identifed some signifcant vulnerabilities in our code that we might not have detected ou..."
Benjamin Mallo
IT Director
"Our application is basically a portal for sharing documents. It’s not a banking application – we don..."
Tim Cowell
"WhiteHat Security makes fxing security holes in the web applications a continual process, with 2-3 bu..."
Curt Jeppson
Vice President of Information Security
"We’ve used Sentinel reports to clearly illustrate the state of security across the front line of our..."
Jason Shah
Chief Technology Officer
"We were able to develop a process that integrated WhiteHat Sentinel’s scoring system and prioritized..."
Mikhael Felker
Director of Regulatory and Compliance
"The WhiteHat human intelligence factor is key to us. Learning what recurring vulnerabilities are bein..."
Esat Caglayan
Senior Security Engineer
"WhiteHat Sentinel Source immediately improved security and saved us time and effort, all without havi..."
Alper Ümit Yilmaz
Director of IT Service & System Operations
"We kept metrics on everything. Some of our vulnerabilities stayed open for months...."
Public Agency
Chief Information Security Officer
"Whitehat service played a key role in allowing our security operation to keep up with the fast moving..."
IT Architect
Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company
"We have remediated critical security vulnerabilities on our premium customer facing websites. Since W..."
Ravi C.
"WhiteHat gives us the ability to identify issues early in the development process and quickly retest...."
Ken Maier
Chief Technology Officer

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