"The versatility and robustness of the tool, and the marvelous, frictionless ability to deploy tests,..."
Pablo Sanchez Martin
Former Interaction Design Competency Center Manager
"In the retail industry, it´s very important that we understand how our customers are using our websit..."
Michael Quek
Ecommerce User Experience Manager
"Our stakeholders required a flexible tool and interface allowing the strategy team to implement an on..."
Michael Mainier
D.Sc., Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Interactive Marketing
"UserZoom is the only tool that can test all three screens and it has a great deal of capabilities. It..."
Elijah Degen
WW Customer Experience
"UserZoom helps ACI Worldwide reduce the time it takes to make the right revisions to our user interfa..."
Dorilyn Northrup
User Experience Designer
"The combination of both rapid qualitative research with remote testing at scale and quantitative metr..."
Martin Hicks
Senior Research Manager
"We chose UserZoom because of it’s variety and flexibility as a powerful remote research tool. It’s al..."
GiGi Demming
International Head of UX
"With remote unmoderated card sort, we can have more participants and spend less time on traveling, se..."
Deborah Torres
Sr. UX Research and Ops Manager
"Whenever you asked around in the industry about the best solution available, everyone said UserZoom...."
Louise Rowlands
Customer Research Manager
"It is very inexpensive to do this research with UserZoom compared to using traditional methods. We kn..."
David C.
User Experience Designer
"We were up and running with our survey in just a few days giving us information and insight we wished..."
Amy Shields
MBA, Senior Interactive Director
"With UserZoom we saw a way of gathering quantitative information around site functionality quickly an..."
Alan Mears
Customer Experience Manger
"Because UserZoom is so facile and quick, we don’t charge back use of the tool or manpower to create u..."
Fortune 50 Healthcare Benefits Provider
"UserZoom allowed us to quickly and easily test online assets that we hadn’t previously been able to t..."
Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
"The best part of UserZoom is having quick and direct user responses. Depending on the screener, we ca..."
Carolina Schomer
UX Researcher SWARM Team
"UserZoom has enabled us to do some quick iterative testing and turn that around to quickly design in..."
Fortune 100 IT Company

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