"With UltiPro, we regularly build tailored reports to address specifi c questions related to critical..."
Sharon Camody
HRIS Manager
"It was important for us to have an HCM solution that could deliver everything that our HR and payroll..."
Tom Bell
Vice President of Human Resources
"One advantage with UltiPro is its per-employee-permonth pricing that comes with cloud delivery. We ha..."
Cory Taylor
Benefits/Payroll Administrator
"My history with Ultimate Software was a key factor in our selection criteria. We have been very pleas..."
Dave Seebeck
Vice President of Information Technology
"By selecting Ultimate Software’s cloud technology, we did not have to make a large capital investment..."
Debbie Lansford
Chief Financial Officer
"SaaS delivery makes sense for organizations like ours that have limited IT resources but need the ben..."
Debi Allsupx
Director of HR and Risk Management
"By giving employees the ability to quickly view information and make updates in UltiPro, my team can..."
Paula Raybould
HR/Payroll Manager
"Our managers have the ability to quickly and accurately assess the productivity of their teams, and o..."
Aurora Smith
Payroll Supervisor
"UltiPro has been a real wow experience for us. Supervisors can now generate many reports on their own..."
Cindy Folmer
Vice President of Human Resources
"By taking control of our in-house data, minimizing administration, and creating more adaptable busine..."
Domenic Milicia
Chief HR and Communications Officer
"One of the best wins for our business has been with UltiPro Performance Management, which makes it so..."
Regina Jones
Director of Compensation and Benefits
"We selected Ultimate Software because we were looking for a strong HCM solution as well as a true bus..."
Pablo Brizi
Vice President of Human Resources
"One of the most important benefi ts of UltiPro is how it has made processes easier on our fi eld mana..."
Eileen Buckley
Payroll Manager
"With our previous provider, all reports had to be written from scratch. We also couldn’t count on the..."
Leah Beard
Benefits Partner
"Employees are ecstatic about accessing their information on their own—whenever they want it, wherever..."
Sonya Williams
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
"UltiPro Perception thinks like a human being and gives me eyes and ears into the employee mindset in..."
Maddie Nichols
Chief Human Resources Officer

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