"It was one of the easier integrations we’ve gone through, It only took a few weeks and the biggest is..."
Gill Wells
Payment and Fraud Manager
"We integrated ThreatMetrix 4 years ago. Since then we’ve consistently managed to maintain a low charg..."
Matthew Davies
"One of the biggest pluses of ThreatMetrix is that it is flexible to my business requirements. I don’t..."
Stacy Martin
Director of Customer Support
"By helping us reduce our customers’ fraud rates, we’ve also been able to improve our corporate brand..."
Martin Schrimpff
Business Development Director
"What attracted us to TrustDefender was the fact that it provides a new way of countering cybercrime a..."
Ray Battle
"Fighting fake account creation is something we take seriously, always working on improving our strate..."
Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company
Chief Technology Officer
"ThreatMetrix helps us save money by reducing our order processing decision-making and investigation t..."
Marcus Eikenberry
Managing Director
"Threat Metrix helps us in three major ways. First, from an overall ROI perspective, we don’t have to..."
Jim Collas
President and CEO
"ThreatMetrix tells us whether we have seen a given device before, whether it has been involved in pre..."
Vince Martin
"ThreatMetrix has really enhanced the way we analyze our data. This ensures that the solutions we are..."
Nick Martin
Online Banking & IT Security Manager
"The ThreatMetrix solution is the only signal that we are using to drive our policy to identify high-r..."
Online Marketplace
Head of Fraud
"ThreatMetrix was the partner we were looking for. Not only does it have robust fraud prevention capab..."
"ThreatMetrix has helped mitigate the risk of malicious accounts, chargebacks, stolen credit cards and..."
Shannon Scott
Senior Manager – Risk & Payments
"In addition to a rapid platform integration, the international and multicultural experience delivered..."
Emre Berk
Head of Trust Management Center
"A behavioral approach correlating users, devices and personal characteristics is the only way of dete..."
Eric Ogren
Sr. Security Analyst
"People do not want to wait 24 hours, 48 hours for their application to be vetted and for them to be a..."
Jeff Thorness

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