"Our products – online movies – are all digital and the order process is fully automated. Since Threat..."
Adam Altman
"ThreatMetrix helps Ebates and our online merchant partners reduce first-time and recurring fraud inci..."
Kevin H. Johnson
President and CEO
"Having seen ThreatMetrix in use, and having seen how well it picks up people you just don’t want on y..."
Paul Abbey
Chief Risk Officer
"The massive benefit we saw from ThreatMetrix is that it is giving us transparency of a fraudulent pol..."
Josh Barnsdale
"ThreatMetrix helped us be compliant with security concerns for customer access and fraud risk...."
Global 500 Financial Services Company
Operation Manager
"With ThreatMetrix, we can see the bad guys right away. Now we see the true data, true city, true IP,..."
Doron Kim
President and Founder
"ThreatMetrix has really enhanced the way we analyze our data. This ensures that the solutions we are..."
Nick Martin
Online Banking & IT Security Manager
"With ThreatMetrix technology, OFX is able to more effectively detect, deter, prevent and investigate..."
Deb Wood
"Static data from the credit bureaus has been compromised through the recent breaches and identity lea..."
Global Money Transfer and Foreign Exchange Company
Fraud and Risk Manager
"In addition to a rapid platform integration, the international and multicultural experience delivered..."
Emre Berk
Head of Trust Management Center
"With ThreatMetrix, we can leverage historic data and use our own fraud data to immediately optimize a..."
Telco And Media Company
"By diff erentiating good users from bad actors in real time, ThreatMetrix enables companies to switch..."
Global Healthcare Solutions Company
"ThreatMetrix helps us minimize friction for our good user base; passively authenticating trusted user..."
Jason Nader
"When I look at the external vendors we use for fraud detection, I can say that we get the biggest ben..."
Demitrious Baird
Director of Risk
"The best way to tackle complex, global cybercrime is using the power of a global shared network...."
The Mark Travel Corporation
"The need to confirm identity at critical points in a transaction is crucial in today’s environment. T..."
Tom Cronkright
Chief Executive Officer

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