"The functionality, insight and capabilities of ThousandEyes blew me away. It was a no-brainer to quic..."
Christian Probst
Director, IT Services
"Before ThousandEyes, the networks outside of our own were literally a black box. ThousandEyes provide..."
Kevin Duffey
VP, IT Operations at RichRelevance
"ThousandEyes provides us with the unique ability to understand complex network issues that impact the..."
Brian Lillie
Chief Information Officer
"With ThousandEyes path visualization and deep drilldown capabilities, our network teams are now diagn..."
Hav Mustamandy
Director of Systems Operations
"ThousandEyes has filled an important gap for Priceline by providing invaluable insight into applicati..."
Michael Diliberto
CIO, priceline
"ThousandEyes provides us with application visibility we never had. We can instantly identify the sour..."
John Shaffer
CIO, greenhill
"ThousandEyes has been a key tool for us in both day to day use and large scale traffic engineering ef..."
Alexei Rodriguez
VP, Operations, evernote
"ThousandEyes helps Verisign identify and troubleshoot real-time issues in serving millions of DNS loo..."
Scott Courtney
VP, Infrastructure Engineering, verisign
"Customers often didn’t know if they were having a problem, if we were having a problem, or if it was..."
Brad Henderson
VP of IT
"ThousandEyes gives us insight into network dependencies outside our network perimeter, enabling us to..."
Ashu Varshney
VP, Cloud Service Operations
"ThousandEyes is a game changer to see the quality of your connections outside of your organization...."
Ivan Shepherd
Senior Manager
"Before ThousandEyes, we were being brought to our knees with nonstop DDoS attacks. ThousandEyes gave..."
Nabil Ismail
VP of Operations & Technology
"The combination of Cloud Agents and Enterprise Agents being able to execute tests and using the Thous..."
North American Retailing Company
Senior Network Engineer
"Like other SaaS companies, we don’t control all the external factors that can hit our user experience..."
Bob Tester
Enterprise Architect
"The old approach took four to five times longer than with ThousandEyes. Increasing our speed of troub..."
Justin Doles
Security Architect
"ThousandEyes provides insights to better understand the end user impact of network changes as well as..."
Matt Hite
Network Engineer

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