"Soon after implementing Talari at one of our branches the MPLS connection went down. The interesting..."
Rob Harbin
Vice President, Information Technology
"Talari is intelligent enough to choose the best route for each traffic type and reroute traffic if on..."
Chavdar Momchev
Director of Data & Voice Communications
"Talari was the only company that came near to meeting our requirements. Talari has load balancing, Qo..."
Richard Bowling
Senior Network Administrator
"Talari sends traffic down all links at the same time and notifies us immediately if a link should fai..."
Nick Fulford
IT Manager
"For a system whose entire IT operating budget is $16.6 million, reducing our costs by $400k is a sign..."
John Mullhall
Information Technology Manager
"I once mentioned to someone that the MPLS connection had been down for a week. They were oblivious to..."
Chris Haydon
IT Manager
"Paying for something you can’t use is throwing money away. We reduced our monthly costs, improved per..."
David Rahbany
Director of IT Infrastructure
"I spent a lot of time analyzing traffic. All that went away when Talari was deployed. It was a major..."
Scott Steinke
Network and Security Engineer
"Our goal is to have a Talari in every location with multiple connections to the Internet to provide a..."
Tim Hays
Director of IT
"I’m getting to be link-agnostic. It seems like there’s a new broadband Internet offer every day, and..."
Dave Badgley
Senior Systems Engineer
"With Talari in place, access to data applications, voice sessions and the ATM were unaffected. In the..."
Barry Favorite
Telecommunications Engineer
"We look for products delivering on what they say and providing the service to back it up. That’s what..."
Wade Bruendl
Senior Vice President of Information Services/CIO
"With Talari, we have a more flexible, and more resilient, network architecture than we had before...."
Bob Fourness
Computer Operations Manager
"We’ve gained more bandwidth and reduced costs 40 to 80 percent while increasing network reliability w..."
Allen Look
Chief Information Officer
"Talari gives me the luxury of doing maintenance without disturbing people...."
John Carroll
Director of Technology Solutions
"We know the communications will work reliably when we need them – and that’s reassuring to know, if w..."
John White
ICT Communications Manager

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