"We hope that users give a little more consideration to what they are selecting if they are aware of h..."
Berto Machado
Workplace & Common Infrastructure team
"SAM is something that needs to be gauged. It’s something on-going, continuing to change. It’s not jus..."
Murray Goodman
SAM Specialist
"Sealed Air are pleased to announce that after extensive evaluation of the SAM technologies and vendor..."
Colin Ryder
Executive Director
"The best thing about Snow is the Software Recognition Service and the automation for calculating comp..."
Graham Philpott
Software Asset Manager
"Using Snow we can make better decisions and determine what is the best delivery method (such as the c..."
Lee Brown
SAM consultant
"We have made savings of around € 50,000, within just a few months. This has been done by harvesting a..."
Steven Veldhuizen
"Snow's licensing management solutions enable seamless, vendor-independent management of our software..."
H. Meyer
Head of Department NW/CC
"Implementation as promised, quick return on investment during audit....I have be involved with three..."
Global Mining Corporation
Senior Manager IT
"One of Snow’s absolute strong suits is its reporting capabilities. We use it as a sales tool for Soft..."
Christian Björkly-Nordström
Global License Compliance Manager
"Right from the outset (with a PoC), Snow Optimizer for SAP Software gave us a very good understanding..."
Christian Brentrup
SAP Basis Administrator
"Having a system that is able to categorize and present data in a compelling way is important...."
Jan Lynge Jakobsen
Senior IT Specialist
"The biggest benefit of Snow is the reporting. I’m able to be certain about the information I give to..."
Alan Head
Software Asset Manager
"Large organizations like VieCuri cannot properly ensure their compliance without a software asset man..."
Niek Janssen
Enterprise Architect and and responsible for the license management
"Snow has been a game-changer for us, integrating with ServiceNow to truly optimize our CMDB. The qua..."
Electronic Payment Transactions Company
Senior Business Manager
"We were not getting the detail we needed in terms of applications installed from SCCM and overall, r..."
Richard Randall
ICT Technical Officer for Service Transformation
"We’ve explored other SAM solutions but Snow is head and shoulders above the rest – it is intuitive, t..."
Dave Hyland
Head of Software Asset Management

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