"Skuid is very easy to maintain over time, because we can do it ourselves...."
Hardik Savalia
Senior Associate, B Lab
"Fantastic tool. Totally changed our user experience. Best app on the AppExchange for certain...."
David Forder
The Retail Space
"I now measure my time as BS and AS; Before Skuid and After Skuid. It’s that amazing...."
Bill Getman
Work, Inc.
"It’s true: 3 months work reduced to 3 weeks. A new Salesforce GUI revolution...."
Greg Baxter
Baxter Consulting
"This one app unlocks your ability to simplify workflows…and make admin work a breeze...."
Michael Marshall
"You see the productivity increase the minute you build your first Ui...."
Steve Chan
Fronde Systems Group
"Skuid makes Salesforce "usable" in more ways than you can imagine...."
Brandon Klapholz
M&S Technologies
"If I could give this product and the people who work here 100 stars I would!..."
Belinda Colesanti
COOLA Suncare
"Skuid allowed us to create a better product than we could have ever imagined...."
Erik Wahlberg Manager
"We love the flexibility that models and model conditions give Skuid developers…the possibilities are..."
Doug Bennett
Director of Admission Operations
"We have been blown away by the flexibility, ease of use, and partnership that we were able to find wi..."
Steve Chapman
Vice President of Communications
"Skuid helped us build a system that will reach more people in a streamlined and cost-effective way...."
Jim Rich
Director of Product Development
"Having all this data at our fingertips makes a big difference in our ability to help young people dev..."
Michael A. Carrera
"Skuid has been very helpful for us. It was incredibly simple for us to put together a proof of concep..."
Vineet Kumar
Solution Architect
"The separation of UX design from database design is a powerful enabler of Skuid...."
Paul Mackinaw
"I take tremendous enjoyment in the fact that we make one of the finest garments in the world. And we..."
Michael Andrews
Founder and CEO

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