"Everything is integrated with Salsa. It's just what we need to help spread the word, build targeted c..."
Diana Onken
Director of mobilization
"We use Salsa for everything! E-actions, fundraising, sending email blasts, managing our subscribers...."
Alex Dodds
Communications Director
"In this campaign, we were able to leverage the power of video to bring people into the conversation a..."
Nasser Asif
Director of Marketing
"Don't be afraid to try things. That's the beauty of social media. If it doesn't work, change it up us..."
Alison Burke
Manager of Services
"It takes a while for the survivor community, as well as the public, to learn about our organization a..."
Nancy Parrish
"Ag gag laws present a fundamental problem for consumers who want and deserve transparency about the o..."
Lisa Franzetta
Director of Communications
"I would rather have some small victories and have the world be a much better place on a sustainable p..."
Matthew Koehler
Digital Director
"Organic reach on social is really dying, so while Facebook Ads may have been taboo in the past, they..."
Tocarra Mallard
Director of Development
"Salsa has made it easy to find the people who care about particular topics and personalize our commun..."
Diego Sanchez
Advocacy Director
"We feel that Salsa products are consistently at the forefront of fundraising for the person in the ba..."
Dave Tinker
VP of Advancement
"What I love about Salsa is how helpful the help desk team has been. I’ve never had a bad experience a..."
Lauren Shultz
Membership Associate
"By switching to Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM, we've been able to fully integrate our P2P Fundraising an..."
Debra Norman
Development Associate
"We went from having maybe 15 people register across the various systems to almost all our participant..."
Kevin Walker
Marketing and Communications Manager
"It was really nice to have registration, checkout, and donation collection all in one place and watch..."
Anna Waigand
Special Events and Development Associate
"When using EveryAction a lot of the work was manual and we struggled with certain functions, but with..."
Akilah Wallace
Director of Development
"I think sometimes platforms can be too technical or intimidatingly detailed, but Salsa simplifies don..."
Benjamin C.
Wild Forests and Fauna

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